Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Week Flew By, But Really

My Familia Whom I Love So Much!

This week really did fly by at an unnatural speed.  I feel like P-Day was two days ago.  So let me attempt to remember important things of the week, but I feel it was a pretty standard week at the CCM, which I love by the way.  Like with all my heart.  I lucked out to come here.

Did I ever tell you that the President of the CCM is not who we thought? The new one got here two weeks before we did.  I really love him and his wife.  They speak decent English, so esta bien, but it was a little confusing.

Ok, last P-Day was way easier than the one before that.  The temple was awesome and then we just sat and talked and played and it was great. So there's that.

Wednesday was HARD.  In our coaching missionary time, our teacher told me and Hermana Bott about how we should teach the first three lessons before we start into commandments, and we had felt really good about the way we had been teaching that.  Getting the big ones out of the way so our investigator would be more prepared for feeling the Spirit in the lessons and it was just hard.  We kind of broke down after that.  But it was just fine after we had one of our female District discussions and buoyed each other's spirits.  I seriously feel so blessed to be here.  My District is amazing and it is just so small and close knit here.

So after we were chastised, I remembered that I GOT PACKAGES!  I had one from my beautiful  family and one from Derek.  So we broke into that and ate all the candy from my family.  It was amazing.  Serious tender mercy.

The next day, Thursday, I guess but don't hold me to that, was awesome!  But really it was just a normal day.  Nothing sticks out to me about that one.  Hahaha, but I seriously still feel like it is so weird that an adult has not consistently talked to me in English since I left home.  I am surprised at how much I understand. So surprised.  It must be the influence of the spirit of this place because how is this even possible?

Friday. Pretty much everyone has been sick.  We think it is the slightly questionable food.  I think 45 people have been ill.  Tender mercy again, that day was a little emotionally taxing for me and when I walked into our room, I saw the remainder of the food from those packages and it saved my life.  I LOVE YOU PEOPLE.

Saturday was proselyting again!! And it was terrifying because there weren't enough Latinas for everyone, so I just went with one of the girls in the District ahead of me (who left this morning).  I knew more Spanish than she did.  It was a little rough, but I actually ended up going to the same Stake and Ward as last time with the same member, so that was actually really cool.  I saw a family that I had been prompted to talk to TWICE last time and I had ignored it.  And so I got to talk to them this time and I think they were planning to go to church Sunday!

I am understanding a ton, but struggle with the confidence to speak.

Sunday was awesome!  I love them.  Yesterday IT RAINED.   It never rains:).  Amazing. There was a tremor this week and I actually felt this one.  So, ya, I feel pretty cool.  Do these emails make sense?  I feel like they don't.

We went to the temple this morning again and it was way cool again:).  I had a headset for half of this session until it pooped out for some unknown reason.  One of the other Elders (Fankhauser) has a brother in the Central Mission and they met at the temple today.  He has been out a year and it was the sweetest thing I have ever watched.  Our teacher (Hermana Loayza) brought Fankhauser's brother to the temple, so she was actually in the session with us and that was really cool.  I love P-Days :)

I love you people!!  So so much!  I know these are scattered.   Haha, just know that I love you and I am doing the Lord's work.  That is all that really matters anyway:)

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