My Testimony

I know that Christ came to this Earth, the Son of the Living God.  That he grew in knowledge and understanding and was tempted with personal trials as we all are in this life.  But he was not mortal and because His mission was to live a perfect life as an example and unmarred, sacrificial lamb, He never fell.    I know that he suffered for the sins of the world in the Garden of Gethsemane, an act that we will never be able to comprehend in its fullness.  I know that He was for a time, left comfortless in the Garden, as His disciples and friends slept through some of the agonizing and pivotal moments in the history of the world.  And again when he was left for a time by the Spirit and by the presence of His father in order to feel the depth of the agony of the consequence of sin, not for himself but for us.

I know He was lifted up on the cross and crucified for the sins and pains of the world.  I know that He completed the Atonement for every individual person who ever was, is, or will be come into the world. That His sacrifice and great act of love not only makes it possible for us to repent and be made clean and able to return to His presence, it also overcame the human predicament.  We are redeemed of the fall of Adam.  We can overcome spiritual death and because Christ was resurrected, because Christ lives again, we will overcome physical death.  Through the Atonement of Christ, we are able to endure the challenges of this life.  We are able to continue when we shouldn't be able to.  We are able to feel comfort in times of sorrow, confusion, and pain caused by forces in and outside of our control.  We are given the staying power to continue on every single day through the grace and divinity of the Atonement of Christ.

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