Mission Inspired Poetry

Lilies of the Field

As I consider the lilies of the field,
I find my heart and spirit healed.
And as I listen, the song of a bird,
relates to my soul His beautiful word.

As I ponder upon my life,
I see my blessing outweigh my strife.
And as I look into the sky,
My heart is reminded that He did die.

As I feel peace descend as a dove,
I see in my heart those that I love.
And as I pass others on the way,
My soul tells me angels are here this day.

As I release my mind in prayer to thee,
I feel thy presence as fear does flee.
And as I feel the breeze blow by,
My heart burns as he answers why.

As I consider the lilies of the field,
I find myself with the Spirit filled.
And as I see they blessings for me,
My spirit I find returns to thee.

Matthew 6:28

-Hermana Lauren Bailey-

Fear Not

A hopeless thought with despair filled,
A moment in time when all was stilled.
Uncertainty quickly fills one's heart,
And peace is lost to the evil part.

Frustration builds and words fail,
The children of men in confusion wail.
The ability to bear with faith I seek,
But find my heart and spirit weak.

I flounder in search of things I knew,
I frantically wonder what I should do.
I cannot handle what I thought I could,
I am unable to stand where I once stood.

In final humility I fall on my knees,
And in a moment of mercy I see as He sees.
We are His chidren, if only a small some,
The difficulties and pain of our world is overcome.

And as my soul reflects on divinity,
A whisper to my heart says, "You are of me."
And as I consider this heavenly thought,
Again comes the whisper to my heart, "Fear Not."

Doctrine and Covenants Section 50:40-41

-Hermana Lauren Bailey-

My Christ

My Christ once walked upon the shore,
Of a sea of sin and pain and more.
My Christ once stood among sons of men,
Among sinners and saints and lepers ten.

My Christ once taught in temples of old,
Amidst persecution and sin and spoke doctrine bold.
My Christ once blessed each little child,
Teaching men and devils to be meek and mild.

My Christ once passed through throng and crowd,
An example to all; humble and proud.
My Christ once prayed for all His sheep,
As sinners now pray their souls to keep.

My Christ once wept in Gethsemane,
As he bled for all sins and agony.
My Christ once died, innocent sacrifice,
Only He, sinless Almight, would suffice.

My Christ once rose on the third day,
Divine and whole left the tomb where He lay.
My Christ once asked of me one thing,
That I offer my life in service to the King.

My Christ once knew how weak I'd be,
And gave angels in family and more to me.
My Christ once died that I might live,
And my love and devotion is all I can give.

I just finished reading Jesus the Christ!

-Hermana Lauren Bailey-

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