Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Literally Have No Idea What I'm Doing! Yay Mission!

Oh My Dear Beloved Family,

You are correct.  My homesickness has hit me like a wrecking ball this week.  Excuse my reference to Miley Cyrus:)  It has been a little rough at times, but opening your email made it all okay.  Also, I should get mail today or tomorrow;)  And I am sending letters today!  I am so excited.  Haha. Anyway, let me try to update you a little.  It may be rough, I am more and more scattered each time.

Wednesday was P-day and besides e-mailing you, we went to lunch with our zone at a mall thing (I say thing because literally nothing means the same thing in Peru as in America) and shopped.  I bought Special K cereal and milk from a bag to eat for breakfasts and it wasn't too terribly bad:)

On Thursday, we do service in the mornings.  This Thursday we went to our District to help a family in our ward move from upstairs to downstairs.  The living arrangements are really weird here, but I don't really know how to explain.  I bet it was the same in Jess' and Derek's, so ask them about it.  It is all just really, really poor, but service was fun:)  Then we had a our lunch (which we pick up from a pencionista) with the other sisters in our area who are actually assigned to be the first internet sisters outside of the US just for this transfer, kinda weird.  Then we met up with a member to go teaching.  His name is Miguel Tapia and he has been a member for 1 and a half months. He is literally amazing and really nice and the missionaries best friend.  He talked to me and I vented about my difficulties expressing my personality in Spanish.  It was really nice and he actually understands me really well and I have no issues understanding him.

Moto taxis.  Sketchier that sketch and we ride them all the time.  It is so so so fun:)  Really.  Google them:)

Friday.  I feel that mornings are tedious at times because some days we don't even leave to proselyte until like 4 and it is awful; with study and planning and training.  Bleh.  But I love getting out and teaching and talking because it is why I am here and it takes my mind off things:)  Cool fact:  If we kill a cockroach on the floor, the next morning it is gone because the ants take it away.  It is awesome.  Also, I was supposed to have my first street contact this day so I went to talk to this guy and as soon as a started talking he was like "No hablo castillano".  And like what the freak is that.  So I just stared at him cause I though I was speaking Spanish.  Then Hermana Saenz came to help and turns out he is from London and only speaks English.  So my first contact was from England and now I know castillano is another word for Spanish.

Saturday.  It smells like the ocean here in the mornings and it makes me think of Carlsbad and my amazingtastic family.  Which is a little rough, but I love you so it is all good:)  The cool experience of that day was that night we had an appointment to talk to a less active named Nefi ( I know, ironic) and with Miguel.  We were going to watch Ephraim's Rescue but we needed another woman to be with them.  So we waited outside his house eating popcorn and talking (good practice for me) until someone could come.  She ended up being one of his lady friends and she was way interested, so we are going to try and contact her this week!  Miguel and Nefi are also way funny and entertaining, so that is nice.

Sunday.  I didn't really know what to expect.  Church is at 8, and at 7:45 we ran to wake up a less active and then ran back to pick up another family.  The ward is pretty big and really nice.  I understand most of sacrament meeting.  I am never going to remember all of these people though.

Funny story of yesterday was that our lunch appointment was with a recent convert /inactive lady who is really, really poor and has a really, really sad life story.  She is old and her husband abuses her and is never around.  But she loves missionaries.  When we got there she told us she had made us (no idea how to spell this) pacha monka.  It was a big pot sitting on a fire.  So it turns out it is potatoes and huge peas and yucca root and chicken.  She gave me a plate with half a chicken, 6 little potatoes, 15 massive pea pods and a whole yucca root.  And I ate it all because she is poor and we have to and I almost died. But it was really good:)

Tender mercy of yesterday it that one of the teachers of the other district in the MTC is in the other ward in my chapel and I saw him last night.  Comforting in a weird way.

My companion is really nice and is teaching me a lot.

2 Nephi 2:6-8 is why I am here.
Mormon 1:7 made me laugh.  Peru in a nutshell.
D & C 31:1-6 is what I needed this week:)

Oh my gosh I love you.  So so so so so so much.  Thank you.  For everything.

I miss you!  I love you!  You are in my prayers always:)  Be happy!

Hermana Lauren Bailey

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