Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Carry On, Carry On, Carry On!

Hola my dearly beloved family whom  I love and cherish dearly!

Wow. This week flew by. This 6 weeks flew by in reality.... it just keeps on going faster and faster. It stresses me out. Hahaha, anyway I feel like a bajillion things happened this week, all of which weren't incredibly important, hahaha, so I am just going to hit on a few days and spiritual happenings of Vista Alegre in Nasca, Peru. 

Oh, first off Hermana Torres had transfers to Lima, and now my companion is Hermana Mendez from Mexico. We are actually finishing together, so that should be fun. She is an amazing missionary and has the fire that this branch needs to get working. I am really excited for this transfer :)

Anyway. This week was Concilio and it was amazing, a total focus on the Book of Mormon. We talked a lot about how it is the key, the base of everything. If the investigators can come to know that it is true by reading it with real intent and asking in prayer if it is true, they can progress through any doubt they have. That if they read it, and we use it to answer their questions and bear testimony of its truthfulness, the power of the gospel will enter more fully and quickly into their lives. It was super spiritual and a very powerful meeting. Also, I got to talk to Hermana Bott all the way their and all the way back. She is truly one of my best friends. She got transfered to Lima too... Gonna miss her. 

Then on Thursday we had the Zone Concilio and I have really gotten to be comfortable teaching in front of the zone. I feel like that is one skill I had to develop being a leader... being able to teach in front of big groups of people and not shake and look like I am going to die. That has lessened,  a little....

Wednesday was a really good day. We had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Lisbeth. She is the mom of the little family that came to church last Sunday. Teaching her is amazing, she is so prepared- We are really hoping to find her husband this week and help them to get married and progress in the gospel... Pray for them, and that we can find more families like them this week.

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could just video tape everything. Just to let you see what I see, feel, love.  Like a little barefoot boy carrying Inca cola on his head and kicking a soccerball as he runs down the dirt road as the sun sets in front of houses made of adobe, sticks, and tin.  And as we teach Hermana Lisbeth about the Book of Mormon and testify of the truthfulness and the power in prayer, inviting her to ask God and having her respond with tears in her eyes that she wants to ask. 

I know this is short, but I get to talk to your beautiful faces on Sunday :) Wow, that flew by. I never thought we would get to this point, hahaha and it flew..... I am so thankful for this time I have to serve a mission, to be an instrument in the hands of God.

I had a testimony when I got here, thanks to amazing parents and family, but I never imagined how much it would grow.

I know that this church is true. I know without a doubt in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true. 

I know that the Savior lives, and that he loves us. That through him, we can overcome our weaknesses. Ether 12:24-29

I love you so eternally much. Thank you for everything! See you Sunday :)

Hermana Bailey

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