Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Church is True...

My Dearly Beloved Family Who I Love Dearly!!

How the heck are you? I miss and love you all....  
Anyway. This is probably going to be extra short and scattered, but the general message is that I love you dearly and that I love the mission and I love the gospel dearly.

So.... this week flew by even faster than usual. Seriously.

Also, I hate this keyboard and don't have a lot of time so I am just going to do a few topic summaries of what is going on in life in Nasca Peru.

This week we actually had to cut a lot of our days in half because the miners randomly decided to go on strike so it supposedly wasn't safe, but really all they did was argue and drink and everything closed for like 4 days. So on the numbers end, it was a pretty slow week. But it was a great week for getting a lot of other plans put in place for the last 2 weeks of this change and to talk with my companion.... Hermana Mendez has been my companion with who I am the closest since Hermana Rush. So it has been really a great transfer :)

We are planning an activity for our whole district in Nasca for this Saturday. we have been feeling like the branch and the district, like the members, just really need something to strengthen them. So we have been brainstorming and me and my comp had an idea for an activity. The whole zone jumped on it. We have been working like crazy to get that all worked out this week, the invitations and the announcements and everything. I think it is going to be great success :)

The other big happenings of the week all had to do with Lisbeth and Enrique and the literal hell of trying to get all of their docments together.... I have never spent so much time in a municipal building in my life. More on that next week :) I have lots to say, but the date is set for the 12th and they are progressing beautifully :)

Sorry the letter is so short. Tomorrow is President Douglas' last concilio, so everything is crazy.  I feel it is an honor to go and am very excited. 

I know that this church is true without a doubt in my mnd. As the end of my mission draws nearer, I feel myself being slowly more and more lost in it. I love these people and this work with all that I have, and I am so grateful for the chance to serve.

I love and miss you all dearly!

Alma 30:44 :)

Hermana Lauren Bailey

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