Monday, May 5, 2014

More Snippets and Pictures

Sister Kati and her mother and huge turtle!

This week was busy, exhausting, but great. It is better to be exhausted :) Oh and on wednesday Elder Grow from the Area Seventy is coming for a huge conference with all of the Lima zones and Canete. So this morning, they called us in to practice for a special choral number with selected missionaries. So I got to see Hermana Santiago and Hermana Wilkins! Hermana Wilkins is the girl from SUU. She is actually struggling because she really doesn't speak Spanish. and that makes it hard. But she is pressing on.   I love Hermana Santiago. The practice was at 10 and at like 8:30 during personal study, the phone rang and I answered.  I was so confused because it was in English and she just said, "Hey I will be in San Juan today from 10 to 11".   I was confused but then I just got really excited.  I love Hermana Santiago.  I think on Wednesday I might get to see Hermana Bott!!!!!!! It has been 2 months. I am so excited for the conference and everything and to see everyone and it is making this week really exciting and different.

Our pencionista's food is really good. She talks a lot, but it's all good. The missionary work is great :) So remember Manuel?  Well Manuel is a huge man. Funny. Reminds me of Rick. He has had baptismal dates before and not achieved them, according to the teaching record because he has doubts about this and that. Well last night we had a lesson with him about receiving answers and I felt prompted to share I believe it is D&C  6:20-22 or something like that.... and he said "I would like to share something".  And then he just broke down sobbing. He was an only child and about 3 years ago his Mom died. He struggles with it a ton. He just cried and cried, but talked about one night when he prayed and received enough peace to continue on. He was so sad that it just made me bawl. But then I shared D&C: 50 40-42 or something like that. I think he feels a lot like he has received an answer and that this is the place to find happiness and peace about his mother's death. Oh it broke my heart to see such a powerful man break down, but I think we found his difficulty. It was a really spiritual, tender lesson.

Have a great week! I will talk to you friday!!  I love you! I cant wait to see your beautiful faces and hear your wonderful voices :) I am happy. I am healthy. I miss you dearly but am so grateful for the blessing you are in my life. Like, inexpressably grateful and joyful and forever indebted. :) Remember how amazing you are and how happy you make me. And how happy this gospel is and the things we know.. I just love you so dang much. Never forget. Friday!!! I love you.

More new pictures are posted on the pictures page.

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