Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yesterday Was the Best Day of My Mission

My dear beloved family,

Yesterday really was the best day of my mission. I absolutely loved just seeing your faces. I was so terrified it would make me want to come home and be horribly homesick, but i have never felt so pumped to just work my butt off for 14 months and then come home to my crazy family. It was as if seeing your faces and just hearing your voices for a short time was enough to give me life and comfort and joy to continue. I can't thank you enough.

Which reminds me, did I even tell you I love you? Hahaha I was so awkward and just thrilled to see you that I didn't even think to say I love you all with all my heart, except maybe in Spanish at the end.

Mom: Happy Mother's day to literally the best mom in the world. I am not even joking, I feel so incredibly grateful for you. Every single day. You have blessed my life forever in so many more ways than I can possibly count. Listening to your voice during the pre call and just seeing you and hearing you and talking to you on Skype made me so happy. Funny story, my voice sounds like you when I am speaking in spanish. I think it is because it is a little higher and I can hear myself, but it sounds just like you. Anyway. I just want you to know I love you more than earthly words will ever be able to express. I have never been so happy in my life, and all because I saw my Mom's face. Happy Mother's Day my dear best friend.

Dad: I love you so much. I can't even express how close I feel like I have gotten to you on my mission. I love you so much. I loved seeing your face and just knowing that you are safe and happy and everything. I love you so much. I thank you for all of your amazing emails and for your support and for being such an amazing, faithful dad! Coaching baseball endlessly and writing me emails every week and being so tender and loving and for loving my mom and me and being a worthy priesthood holder and just being literally all around amazing. I consistently feel humbled and blessed everyday for my family.

Judd: Holy crap. Youre tall. And you have an adams apple.... and hermana chavez thinks youre adorable and wants you to marry her sister. I am so proud of your accomplishments in baseball :)

Wyatt: Hermana Jameson wants you to marry her sister. She thinks you are so sweet and handsome. I was so happy to hear your sweet voice and see your sweet face.  I am so proud of the young man you are.

Will: Hermana Trejo wants you to marry her niece, so all my brothers are married off. I was so happy to see that nothing has changed and you are still a sweet little goofball. I love you so much. Yes, I am still a butt.

Grandma Judy: I know you are working on your goals, and I love you so dang much. Thank you so much for your support for me and for your love for my family. You are the best grandma in the whole world, and you look awfullly younng and gorgeous for 74. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday :)

Grandma and Grandpa Bailey: tell them they look great and happy and thank you for the Easter package. The Elders were all very pleased with the jelly beans.

I seriously love you so much. Yesterday was amazing. It made me think of Alma 26:1 where he says could we have imagined when we parted that we would be so greatly blessed? or something along those lines. I feel so incredibly blessed, and I thank you so much.

Have a great week! Next week, I will be back to normal emails about life and work and love and the spirit and investigators :) Have a great week!


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