Monday, July 28, 2014

It is Independence Day in Peru and I Smell Barbecue :)

My Dearly Beloved Family!

How are you all?? I miss you so much! But I really am actually falling in love with my mission. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS?!?! 6 months ago I was having a break down in the Bountiful temple and packing and getting set apart. Oh how fast the time goes. I decided the other day I would never go backwards in my mission. I don't regret a single day, but i just love moving forward. I think that is a metaphor for life. We can't go back, and we should be compelled to progress until the final, perfect day. I don't even know if that makes sense but I am like over self reflecting since it has been 6 months. hahaha ANYWAY!

It is the equivalent of the 4th of July today in Peru and it is psychotic, and i just want to eat food. We are fasting until after internet and I can smell every single good smell in the world outside at this giant fair thing and it is driving me insane. But it is actually really cool. And cultural. And loud. hahahaha

I feel so scattered. what happened this week? Well I had an intercambio with Hermana Jameson and it was actually really great. We just talked and talked and talked. I really do love her.  She is an amazing person and an amazing missionary. And I learned a ton from her.  I want to be able to teach like her when I have 14 months in the field. Let us pray. Hahahaa. She just teaches the restoration so concisely and animatedly. People just love it. 

Then on Thursday for service we went with Hermana Quist and Hermana Wilkins to do service in the garden of this lady who is less active and sort of thinks she is a catholic.  It was highly entertaining.  Partially because all of these little kids kept passing and it was like a gringa zoo. We were all fenced in and everything. Oh life.

Well, the work is a little slow here in Ayacucho and it can be a little frustrating. We were just walking and walking and walking one day because appointment after appointment fell through and I was thinking about the pioneers and how they just kept walking and walking and walking. I somehow know that this is preparing me, and us,  and this area for something amazing. I know that if we really build our faith and trust and if we just keep on keeping on, miracles are going to happen. Not to say that miracles don't happen every day. That is another thing I have learned on the mission. There are miracles every day in every way. There is something every single day to make everything worth it. 

For example, Jossy is going to be baptized this weekend! Everything is all set to go and she is so amazing. She just gets it! She is only 14 and she understands the scriptures amazingly. Today we are fasting with her and her older sister so that her older sister's husband will want to get married so that she can be baptized too and so that Jossy's dad will accept everything that is changing in her life. They are just so amazing and strong.

Another one is one of our other progressing investigators Fabiola. She really wants to change her life and be a better parent than hers were. She just has such a desire to change and be in the church, so we are working really hard with her so she can be baptized the next week.

The best lesson we taught all week was last night to a family of amazing recent converts and their two little nephews. They had some really great questions about the sacrament and why it is important to be focused and how we can think about the Savior, and also about the plan of salvation and how we can always repent.  It was just very spiritual, and therefore our Spanish really flowed! It was great. I absolutely love being a missionary. I love Ayacucho. I love love love love being companions with Hermana Rush :) I am learning things every day. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and really growing.

Pray for us! Pray for our area more than anything :) For Jossy and Diana and Fabiola. Pray for us to find the people who are waiting to find happiness in this world :)

Read Alma 42. I love it :) I didn't even know there were two trees in the garden of Eden.... it  is blowing my mind. Hahahaha But in a good way :) I love you all so so so so much. I will look for weird Ayacucho things today to take pictures of and send next week! This week went by so fast. My mind is jumbled :) But I love it! And  I love you! and I will see you......, IN JUST ONE YEAR!!! have a great week :) I love you!

Te Amo!


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