Monday, November 10, 2014

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.... Because I Have Seen Them.

Family, Whom I looooove!!!

I love you. And now I shall update you on my life. 

Well Monday was Pday and was actually relatively lame compared to other Pdays because the two Chileans decided to make Chile food, but it took like 6 years so I just passed out sleeping.  It was actually like the best sleep of my life because my companion snores, but she wasn't sleeping so there was no snoring and I was like dead. So I am actually incredibly grateful... still one week later I feel recharged ahahaha. Then, that night we actually ended up having three lessons which is like amazing for any day, but especially Monday. So that was a pretty awesome day.

Ya know, in the mission I find myself saying at the end of almost everyday saying well, that was a pretty awesome day. Even if it really wasn't at all for parts of it... because in the end, they are all pretty awesome days, because I am a missionary :)

Anyway. Tuesday was District and Zone meeting like always.  The focus of President this week (like every other week) is families families families. It was so funny because one elder was finally like what the heck all we talk about is families.  How can we not be trunky to see ours and get married. And then our Zone Leader was like ya know I think sometimes that is half of the point. To get us to really actually understand the purpose. Why we are here... because really, it is to be a part of a family. Ours that we have and the one that we will someday create. And then I thought of my new slogan for priorities that I have been using in my mission and life.... is it something I need to make time for, or something I was given time for? Families and the divine nature of us is all a part of the plan. I can't explain it. But the point is.... families. Son lo maximo. 

Wednesday..... was sooooo looooong. Ugh. Hahaha but it was actually fine because I watched some Mormon Messages and read some talks.  I  know that life may not always be easy, that we are in reality here to be tested in mortality, but it will always be doable and in one way or another always be incredibly beautiful. Because in reality, we are all just beautifully broken. We need to break to be molded into what our Heavenly Father needs... to become clay in the potters hands. I need to be softer clay :)

On Thursday we went and did service with some of the zone for the first time since I got here! We usually have been doing like forms and such on service day so we haven't gone, but I have missed it. It is one of my favorite parts of the mission! Thursday mornings :) Anyway. we went to the Elders area in Santa Maria and we walked like a mile and climbed a sand dune. While we were walking the Elder was telling me we were going to help destroy and start building a house, which really we do a ton for service. Break some adobe, clean some rocks up, etc. Well we got to the house and it was literally a grass hut on top of a sand dune. We had to take out the big corner poles of bamboo slash wood stuff, move them, and wire this like woven grass wood stuff back up for the walls. Floor of sand dune. It was definitely one of the most humbling experiences of my whole mission. The Elders were so hit by it too, we actually all ended up staying late to finish it and do it the very best we could. They just kept saying it is like building a stupid tree house that you are going to knock down when summer is over, but it is their house! I am so thankful for the mission and the things I am seeing and learning.... it just makes you see things in a really different way. I am so incredibly blessed. I don't understand why sometimes.... but I do know that God is perfect. and that He loves His children and truly wants every single one of us to return to him.  No matter what it takes, no matter where we are in our lives. He loves us so much. Even in a humble grass hut in Ica Peru. He loves us so so so so so much.

On Friday I got to proselyte for like 3 hours! And we are going to proselyte Monday nights now too, so that is awesome. I am so excited :) We taught a little girl and her mom.  I love teaching kids because they just get it better than adults. And it is a secret way to teach super simple and profound so that the parents get it too.... I love it. 

Saturday and Sunday were amazing! We were so close to finally meeting a weekly goal for lessons.... so we made like an all out effort with the whole zone and we made it EXACTLY.  It was a ton of work, but it was so worth it. And it was a really cool experience :) I really do love working in family history. I get to know and help so many people with the fire of new conversion still in everything they do to go to the temple so that they NEVER lose that fire, no matter what. The temple is the key to everything. It is the goal. It is the end. It is the answer. It is a sacred, tender, holy, beautiful place. Everyone should go as much as they can. It is where we can find out who we really are. I love this gospel. I love the temple :)

Well, I love you family. This week is changes, but I am sure I am staying here. But no email until like Tuesday or so.... just FYI. 

Omni 1:26 is my scripture of this week :) 

I love you so much. You all are so special to me. You are my rock and my love :) Thank you for everything you do for me! I love and miss you!


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