Monday, January 12, 2015

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder :)

Hermana Bond, Hermana Bailey and Hermana Bott

How the heck are you? I really do miss you, even though I really do love my mission and am never coming home (although I don't think they allow that so Wyatt may want to work on coping skills) 

ANYWAY. This week was crazy long and crazy short. Life is so weird, seriously.

Monday, right after email we packed our bags and ate lunch and headed out with the zone leaders of Ica and of Nazca to go to Lima. It was a hilarious, long bus ride. But shorter than usual because we went VIP which reallly only means they don't stop and in the middle, and they give you ginger ale which you promptly want to throw up. But it was great! Hahaha. And then that night we got there at like 9 and we got to stay in a hotel with Hermana Bond and Hermana Saucedo and eat pizza. I got to reflect and talk to Hermana Bond for like 2 hours and it was the bomb. And we stayed in a hotel (not like a nice one, hahaha, but still.... weird.... ) 

Then, on Tuesday we woke up early and got ready because we had to be in the chapel (that is going to be the new mission office. Seriously, it is enormous. Like the brigham city temple) at 830. When we got to the chapel the gym was all decorated with big tables and pretty table cloths. What concilio is is that once a month (the first Tuesday of every month usually) all zone leaders and sister training leaders go to Lima and President and Hermana Douglas and the Assistants train us and then we go back and train the zone. The meeting was awesome. President talks with so much fire and I was only mildy awestruck the whole time. Hahaha. I love that the focus of the mission has changed so much since I got here... now it is all on families and the temple. The work is hastening :)

Then on Wednesday we came back (well, concilio ended late at like 5 and we came home at like 10) and we taught all of the workshops that they taught in concilio... and that was a little scary. These last couple of changes I have had a lot of practice presenting and stuff because of family history but this was scarier. Teaching in front of the whole zone. But it was good and I finished it without even dying. I think I am being forced to grow a ton so that is fun. Hahaha or not....

Then, on Thursday we had 6 lessons for family history. It was crazy. And it was really great because we were really worried about not having lessons this week but that day helped us boost our numbers a ton. 

On Friday, we left at 10 for Nazca to do exchanges! And I was really, really nervous, but it was great! I was in a trio to do a double exchange with Hermana Torres and Hermana Freyre. I learned so much. I have never learned so much in an exchange in my life.  And I was just hit by the love I have for them and the respect I have for them. If anyone who has a missionary in the Peru Lima South Mission reads this, just know that your missionary is amazing. I am constanly humbled by the examples around me :)

Well, the weeks just keep flying by. Time is weird on missions, but it is a good weird. A blessed weird :) There are soooo many tender mercies and little miracles in every day. 

There are only about 27 of these emails left....

Weird. I love you all so much! I Hope you have the best day ever.  Seriously. You are all such a blessing to me :) 

I love you.

I love you!

Do something in the work of salvation this week :) Share the gospel. Bear your testimony :) Go to the temple!

Hermana Bailey

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