Monday, January 19, 2015

A Ship in the Harbor is Safe... But That Isn't What Ships Were Made For

My Dearly Beloved Familia Whom I Love!

Well, here we go with another too-fast-typed, completely rambling, horrible grammar email. All that I hope is that the love I have for you and the mission is conveyed in the disjointed commentaries that always spill out of my emails :) Hahaha


On Monday, after Pday, we went on splits with the other Ica sisters and I was with Hermana Villena and we had a FHE with our pensionist family (the Galindos, whom I love) and I hurt my finger and Candy, their little girl, (the one from the Christmas picture) was like you need to look for your Mom! And I just started laughing and it made me think of how much I love my parents. And how I always go to them instantly when I am hurt or need their help :) Well, except when I am like in a different country. But in reality.... it is still their faces and voices and advice that comes to my mind. And then it also made me think... how quick are we to repent or to turn to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when we get hurt? They know how to fix it. It might hurt... like a mom waiting with hydrogen peroxide and a band aid when you skin your knee... but she knows how to fix it. Just like our Father in Heaven and our Savior :)

Then on Tuesday I got 3 letters from Grandma Judy! She will probably never know how much those mean to me (and little does she know she is keeping our family history....) or how much it pains me to not be able to answer her and just have the other side of the conversation with her (It doesn't help that Serpost of Ica (just Ica, no worries) is on strike, or too lazy to open...) and then, that day I was reading in Mosiah 4 ( I love Mosiah 4) in verses 6-12 and I loved that it says just believe in God. Believe that He is! That He exists. I think that is one of the huge things I have learned on my mission.... that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real. That the Atonement really happened. That the creation really happened. That we are really daughters and sons of God. That it isn't all just a fairytale or something you learn at church.... it is the most important knowledge and understanding we can come to have. 

On Wednesday, I walked into a mission prep class to steal a hymn  book and the teacher asked me to bear my testimony to the class about family history... Sometimes all we need to feel the fire again or to remember why we are here is to testify. Bearing testimony and saying to ourselves and to others and to Heavenly Father what we believe allows the Holy Ghost to enter us and remind us that WE DO believe it. Testimony is very powerful :) 

On Thursday, we were playing like Spanish quaker in language study where the first person to speak Spanish loses (I lost, by the way) and it was hilarious because when I lost, Hermana Villena (in English) was like she knows the rules... she broke the rules.... and the way she said it was so funny. And really this isn't even funny now that I think of it, but everything is funny in the mission because.... well it just is. There isn't a lot of entertainment outside of the scriptures. Ahahaha. And the stupid Huacachina that we are climbing today. Again. 

On Friday (like all other Fridays) we had weekly planning and we had both just felt really strongly that we needed to work to put everything in order.... So we did and then that night it was lesson locura (madness) from like 6-9.  It was awesome and a huge blessing to see what happens when you follow the Spirit and try to do everything to like "clean the vessel" like it says in the scriptures.

On Saturday, we had a like finance workshop all morning (which will help in the mission and in my future life,but math stresses me out) and then we went to the restaurant of the family Galindo where we pension.  They were like super stressed with customers and it was just the two of them working with the little girls running wild por todos lados. So I went in the kitchen and started washing dishes to help them.  It was just something I felt like I could do... a lot of times, we want to help but there are very few things we know how to do. So we just do what we know how (that is all the our Heavenly Father asks of us, too. Just do what you can.) and Hermano Galindo was like, "Hermana Bailey, do you know that you are a good person?" And that just hit me really hard. Because that is all I really want to be. I want to grow to be a good person. And I have a looooong way to go. But I hope that my mission is accelerating it :)

Well, this week has flown by. This next week we are going to be working like crazy to get a bunch of people ready for the temple. We are planning on going the 30th and 31st of January. Pray that all will fall into place for these people! They are working so hard in their family history.  I can't wait for them to have the satisfaction of getting to go inside the temple and do the ordinances for their ancestors :) 

I love the temple! I love the mission. I love people :) I LOVE my family :) I love my Savior. And I know that he lives :)

Thank you for all that you do for me!

Have an amazing week!

Hermana Lauren Bailey

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