Sunday, February 15, 2015

Savior, Redeemer of My Soul

Holy cow my dearly beloved family time goes by so fast and I miss you so dang much!


It has been a crazy 8 days (only 8 days? 8 whole days? So much happened and yet it flew by soooo fast...) and mostly it has been full of conferences and changes :) But I love it! But not Lima and the bus. Hahaha, although that is also pretty entertaining at times....


On Tuesday, we had the Family History Conference in Lima with all of the sisters who are currently doing family history as well as all of the sisters in Lima.  So I actually got to see Bott AND Rush all day again. Tender mercies :) The meeting was actually really spiritual and really necessary. We talked a lot about standardizeing everything everyone is doing because we are the only mission in the whole world doing it.... and that in July the church is going to want to see a report of this year and what we have done, so we have to keep meticulous records and everything. It was really cool and really intimidating.... the work of salvation is going so fast. Like.... apresurando?  I have no clue how to say that in English. President also talked a lot about how the restoration also restored all of the priesthood powers, including for the temple and for the vicarious work. It was really cool to see how literally everything in the gospel is interconnected and dependant upon the restoration.

Then after the meeting, I went and proselytized and did exchanges with two sisters in Family History and San Juan. They live in my old area and it was soooooo weird. So weird. That was a year ago! It was like a lot of nostalgia and meditation. The next day I was supposed to meet Bott in front of the church to go to concilio together because she was in the other area in San Juan.  While I was waiting I SAW MIGUEL AND HIS SISTER MONICA. They all of a sudden just came running down the street, and I just started crying. It was like a movie, ahahah, but I love them soooo much. They are seriously one of my favorite families ever :) Then, concilio was amazing. President talked a lot about making ourselves fit for the kingdom through obedience and Hermana Douglas talked about consecration. It was a really spiritual and powerful meeting. 

We also got to go to McDonald's while we were waiting for our bus, so that was really, really cool.....

On Thursday we had to teach concilio to the zone. Teaching in front of people actually really makes me nervous, but I feel like it is really stretching me. So that is good. I guess. Hahaha

Friday and Saturday were really slow in family history, but Saturday was transfer call day and it was like the most anxiety filled day of my life. Ahahaha, just like always, but also the more time I have in the mission - the more scared I am .... but I love it.  And I was super surprised and excited to find out I was coming to Nasca! I am so excited to work with Sister Torres and work hard. 

This email is so scattered. And really short.... I am working on writing letters ( I didn't get them sent with Hermana Bott's dad... I will send them in Serpost. I really promise this time, I hope.) and I will explain better my whole life and my thoughts and so forth.  I will write today :) 

To end, I have been pondering love these last two days because Valentines Day is coming up and I just love love. Love is so pure and powerful :) It is the catalyst to missionary work and to all that matters in this life. What is love?(baby don't hurt me.... oh man that is an old song) Love is putting yourself second. Love is listening. Love is accepting. Love is sharing the gospel. Love is my family. Love is supporting those we love.  Love is the temple. Love is the prophets of old and modern days, like Nephi who were able to see our day and to love us enough to keep records for us. Love is repentance.  Love is a triagnle.... it requires two people and Heavenly Father. Love is the atonement.  "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, and I tremble to know that for me he was crucified."

I love you all so much. I know the gospel is true. I love being a missionary! We are going to the temple this weekend with some converts from Nasca.... pray for them!

I love you.

John 3:16


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