Monday, February 23, 2015

Did You Think to Pray?

In Front of the Church in Nazca

HOLA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveth you all :)

Well every week is packed with so much stuff and yet flies by sooo fast.

Here we go :)

On Monday after internet we went to the Fowler's house, who are the senior missionary couple. We ate mini pizzas, and they were soooo good. Then we played Uno and Pictionary and it was a really relaxing, fun Pday. (Today we are playing water games (it is like 95 degrees) and eating Chilean food) then, in the evening, we were looking for less actives to teach. I called President about an exchange for the week. While we were talking, he told me that we needed to have faith that we would find a new investigator in the next hour and it would happen. So we prayed and went and asked a member for a reference, and we found a new less active and her 13 year old daughter who isn't baptized! It was a big testimony builder and it really got us fired up for the week.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting.  Right after I had an exchange with Hermana Giler who is in training and it was way good. We taught a crazy less active who just kept screaming at us, but we were able to talk about sacrifice.... if God sacrificed his Son for you, can't you at least go to church to partake of the sacrament every week? And then she stopped screaming and agreed to come to church. That was a good spiritual experience for Hermana Giler, it was awesome :)

Then on Wedenesday we had a multi-zone up in Ica and we had to get on the bus to go at 6. But it was way worth it! We saw Hermana Bott and every one in Ica and the Galindo family. It was a super good multi-zone. We practiced a lot of teaching the apostasy (it is a hot button topic in a catholic nation) and I learned a lot! The goal of the multi-zone was to see our weaknesses as teachers and change them. I felt really good (humbled) afterward and just really excited to change and learn more about the way the Lord teaches and apply it in my teaching.

On Thursday I had an exchange with Hermana Wilkins and it was really fun to be able to proselyte with her and be able to talk in English in the street....I miss English, but I also don't know how to speak it anymore. Ahahahah, it is rather shameful. We talked a lot of deep doctrine too, and it was really fun conversation. We had a lesson with a convert who recently was endowed and talked about how important the law of chastity is (she got a new bf....). It was really powerful to realize that it is one of the only commandments mentioned in the temple... obviously it is really important. It was a really spiritual lesson :)

Then on Friday, the grace finally came :) (after all you can do).  We were walking to a lesson and a little boy came running out of a side street thing and asked us if we were Mormons. Then he told us his mom wanted to talk to us. It turns out they just moved here from Iquitos (jungle) and the mother- in-law isn't a member, so we started teaching her! It was awesome. This family is seriously so cute. They live in one of the most humble houses I have seen.  While we were waiting for them to get ready for church yesterday, it almost made me cry. Then they came out all dressed in the best they have and speed walked all the way to the church. Just so excited. They are really great :)

On Saturday we found another new investigator, the mom of a recent convert whose husband died 2 weeks ago. She is super prepared and super ready to learn about the Plan of Salvation. She already has a huge testimony. So we have a lot of plans to help her progress towards baptism. She is amazing, and is really sad, but is trying to find comfort in her faith. That night we had an activity with the Relief Society about family history and we also made chocolates... and it was way funny and I think we gained a lot of trust with the sisters, which we really need. I am super excited to work with them and know them better!

On Sunday, we had 3 investigators come to church and we were really happy. We have a lot of plans this week to set baptismal dates, find nuevos, and bring them all to church!

This week was a week of miracles, hope, and faith. I know that the miracles are there, we just have to be faithful enough to receive them. I know that this is the work of the Lord, and that His hand is here. I know that this church is true, and that it is the pathway to get to eternal life.... I know that love is a power more powerful than anything else, especially the love of our Savior for each one of us.

The church is true.

Christ lives :)

I love the mission.

I love my dear family :)

Have a great week!!

Hermana Bailey

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