Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crazy People, No Hay Limites, Temple, and The Adventures of Klepto Cat

My Dear Beloved Family,

This week was really full it feels like.  I think I can summarize it well:)  It only felt full because it was a little different than a typical week, anyway, here we go:)

Monday:  Monday wasn't really a full PDay.  We only had internet because we went to the temple Friday.  Once again, I love PDays.  I love the connection to my family and reading about everyone's lives.  It is comforting.  My family is amazing.  That afternoon we were meeting with this lady we knew was a little crazy in the chapel for a lesson.  Thankfully one of the ladies in our ward who goes out with us a lot (Gabby, 25, gorgeous and sweet) was there and she went into the lesson with us.  First, this investigator told us she needed to go to the bathroom to freshen up.  So we were just waiting and Gabby had to use the bathroom.  She came back really quick and told us in English, which was even funnier, that she (the crazy lady) was in the bathroom washing her feet.    I died laughing.  It was priceless.  The lesson was actually kind of sad.  She obviously isn't all the way there and has had some really sad things happen to her.  I don't think we will keep teaching her, because I don't think she can be baptized. She had a lot of really out there questions and it was sad.

Tuesday:  We had a multi-zone training!  President and the assistants came from 10 to 3 and we had training.  I actually loved it.  I love the criticism and the advice to be better.   I think it means I am more humble now because usually hate criticism.  A lot of missionaries hate the "Call to Repentance", but I love it.  I just want to be so much better and do everything I can.  That night we had FHE with the family of the little girl we baptized, and the older inactive sister was there. :)  It was the best thing ever.  Then that night I talked a lot with Miguel (he was accompanying us) and we talked about the atonement.  It was really good.  And in Spanish:) always Spanish, it is getting better:)

Wednesday:  I got the package!!! With the peanut butter and Nutella and Starbursts and the CD.  It saved my life. Also this day we had interviews and so everyone was in our chapel.  I gave the Starbursts to everybody because everyone was a little stressed and hungry.  The package literally saved lives.  Thank you.  Endlessly. I also got a letter from Shay and Grandma:)  Anyway, like I said, we had interviews with President that afternoon (you have them like every three months) and it was really good.  He just makes me feel empowered.  He reminds me a lot of dad.  They both have that special spirit that is like an apostle.  He told me to never stop wanting to work harder and to not be afraid to say I want to.

Thursday:  Every thursday we have service.  But our District was kind of lost.  We ended up walking like two miles (really) to try and find it.  And then when we did, it was hard work service.  But I loved it.  We dug out cement and trees and so forth.  It was hard work.  Then throughout the day it was a little rough because we were really tired and the Spirit wasn't really there.  Then that night we had to go see the Bishop to get Florella's baptismal record signed because the Elders lost it.  I was our ward conference priesthood meeting and every one of our less active men were there:)  It made it all worth it. Everything happens for a reason.

Friday:  This was our full PDay, but it was crazy.  We woke up at 4:30 to go to the temple.  We met the Hermanas of Facebook/Institute in front of the chapel at 5:30.  We caught a moto and all four of us not-so-little women got in it.  It was one of the more terrifying things of my life.  We finally got to the massive like bus stop thing where we were supposed to meet and all of our zone (like 30 missionaries) piled on an already packed bus.  We stood and swayed for like 45 minutes and then finally got off.  But  we still weren't in the right place, we we had to catch another combi to the temple.  It was hilarious, but the temple was amazing and I love the hermanas in our zone.  After the session, we all ate in the cafeteria.  And then  me and Hermana Saenz went to the office because she had asked for another interview the President. It was a good (rare) reason to go to the office and seen President.  I talked to the other Elders there for the interviews and such and they made me feel better about my Spanish abilities, hahaha.  They were all very sweet:)

Saturday:  We had breakfast with a family and then lunch with another, so I was feeling a little full.  But thankfully it was Fast Sunday the next day.  Then we didn't have much success that night, but ended up teaching  one of the younger investigators with two of our ward missionaries (Diana and Cristian).  It was really good.  Then right after we ran to the General Women's Broadcast.  We got to watch it in a little room (Me, Saenz, Dillon, and Jameson) and I loved it.  I thought that all combined was really cool.  I did not anticipate how hard it would be though. Oh mom, I missed you!  When President Erying said "Send your moms a thank you and a smile" we all lost it. I was sending one to you:)  Throughout the whole meeting I was just thinking how grateful I am for you and how much I love you.  Thank you:)  Actually it hit everyone of us just as hard.  We were all bawling at the end and really struggling.  We all said a prayer together and it was amazing.  I am grateful for these sisters around me.  Especially Hermana Dillon.  She is really helping me a lot.  We are very similar so we have gotten pretty close.  I talked to her and the members for like a half hour and it made me strong again.

Sunday was ward conference.  It was a good conference.  This ward is really strong.  We had lunch in the Carnavaro Ward with Hermana Dillon and Hermana Rodriguez with a really nice family with two returned missionary twins.  They were fun and it was a good lunch.  Then that night, we didn't have a lot of success again.  But Miguel looked up FWAH on Facebook and he is a fan now.  Miguel Tapia.  He cracks me up :)  It is amazing to see what the gospel can do for a person.

The Story of Klepto Cat:

First, one morning I was using the bathroom and saw Hermana Saenz' pen in the shower....we were a little confused.  Then one morning we woke up and someone had eaten all our cake from a member.  Then I was using the bathroom and all of a sudden a cat appeared in the window and just came in and watched me.  It has no fear of people.  It gets weirder.  It started stealing trinkets from Hermana Saenz' desk and taking them to the roof.  It is very weird.  Now we have to close the door to the bathroom whenever we leave so that we aren't robbed.  So that is the story of Klepto Cat:)

I love you all so much!  Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.  You are my best friends, my rock, and my purpose!!  I love you!  Be happy!  Be safe! :)


Hermana Bailey

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