Sunday, April 20, 2014

Living on a Prayer

Hola Familia,

I love you all so much!  I am going to arrange the email differently this week because I think the day to day thing is boring. I don't have the cable yet, so still no pictures. But is okay because I am always sweaty and I look the same other than that.  Here we go!  Let me know how you feel about the new format:)

Investigator and Lesson Highlights:

We have an investigator named Joel and he had a dream that essentially symbolized the Kingdoms of Glory.  In the dream he felt that he was going to the second highest and needed to find the path to the other.  They are really into dreams here, and it is apparently a spiritual gift of these people.  I am starting to believe that.  It is a running theme here.

Manuel.  We went to try to contact him.  He was an old investigator and we needed someone new to teach.  Apparently last time he was contacted he was very mean and like verbally abusive.  His wife and daughters are inactive members.  When we got to the house, they were super friendly and I bore testimony of the Atonement because he asked me what my favorite hymn was.  I told him "How Great Thou Art" and "I Stand All Amazed" because of how amazing the Atonement and Jesus Christ are.  It was a really good lesson, and we are going back this weekend.  :)

We taught two part member families this week. The first time we could catch both all together! In one, the dad is an inactive member and the mom is an investigator, and the other is the opposite.  I hope at least one of them will progress.  I would love to reunite a family into the gospel and get someone on the track to being sealed in the temple.  Pray for them!  Familia Padrasa and Familia (well I actually don't know) Miguel and Kelly.  :)

We had a weird lesson with a kid who kept asking about what our beliefs were on exorcism.  Then he told me that he believed I was a priestess and could cast the spirit of his great grandfather out of his bedroom.  He wants to be baptized.  When we can get through a lesson without having to hear about his great grandpas spirit or I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing, maybe that can happen.

What I learned:

I read in Mosiah 2:19-24 about obedience and how God gives us everything and only asks that we be obedient.  Obedience is one of the things I am really learning the importance of on my mission.  I think it will slowly start to make more and more sense why I am supposed to be learning this for my future life.

Favorite conference quote of the week was in Elder Eyring's talk when he said "The happiness of eternal life comes through strong family bonds that exist forever" and I love that.  Also, I wrote Mom and Dad letters about my thoughts on General Conference.  I will send them today or tomorrow. :)


People cross themselves when we walk by sometimes....and I find it hilarious.  Also, we saw a guy cross himself while riding his motorcycle in front of the chapel.  Do you know how funny it would have been if he died like that?  Awkward.

Also, the cheek kiss greeting thing.  They do that here, including the men.  But obviously we can't.  So occasionally there are awkward situations where we must painfully explain ourselves and just generally want to die.  And this practice is slowly killing my sense of personal space.  I even greet the North American sisters with a kiss.  Awkward.

Awkward Moments (Too Many to Count):

We were walking at night on like Tuesday and there was a firework.  I thought we had been shot.  I was just waiting to feel the spot.  It was awkward because we were with Miguel and Diana and I just stopped walking.  I was mocked. Hahaha.

Someone either stole or I lost my $7.00 Walmart watch.....which I find hilarious because that is talent right there.  But my wrist feels naked.

Besos de Mosa are these really unhealthy candy things and the translation of that is "Kisses of a Young Girl" which we find incredible awkward so we call them Besos de Diabetes because that is what they really are.  Hahahaha

Everyone tells me I have the face of an angel. I think it because I have chipmunk cheeks that are always red because I am slowly dying of heat.   But then the other day a man told me that I looked like a virgin.  And for like 10 seconds I didn't realize he meant like the Virgin Mary and I was like, well, um ya, but how did you know that and why would you say that.  And then I figured it out.  Awkward.

Weird Foods and Their Possible Side Affects:

Tuna.  Here tuna the fish is called atun and tuna is fruit that is like red.  I really like it:)  Google it. It is kinda weird.  Also, it made my poop a a very lovely and distressing vibrant orange.  On a side note, I have also eaten tuna the fish a few times.  Bleh.

Alfajores.  I am literally addicted.  There is probably meth in them or something.  They are so delicious.  I am in love.

Chicha.  Don't know how to feel about it.  It is a purple drink.  I think they have it at Cafe Rio.  You should try it. :)

I have a new found obsession with manzanilla, which is chamomile tea.  I love it.  So much.

Ecco.  It is a drink mix from Nestle brand that tastes like coffee and I hate, but tolerate it.  Haha

I GAVE A TALK IN CHURCH YESTERDAY!!  The Bishop called me the night before and asked me to.  It actually went really well. :)  Everyone understood me very well and complimented me on my Spanish.  I think it was good because Hermana Saenz will probably be leaving next week and I need to have the trust of the ward a little more. Ah.  Haha.  But really it was good. ;)

I don't know how you feel about this format, but it is more interesting and only hits the highlights. The other stuff is the same every week.  I love you all so much!  I miss you dearly but love Mondays to hear how everyone is doing:)  You are all so amazing.  Remember how much I love and pray for you.  :)  I feel your prayers and faith.  I love you.  Learn about Christ.  He is everything to me.  I love you familia.  I am so thankful for all of you.  :)  Have an amazing 10 days!!!  Because of the transfer, Pday won't be until next Wednesday.....ahhhhh!  Hahaha, I love you :))


Hermana Lauren Bailey

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