Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures and Snippets of Info

The Baptism of Fiorella
(Finally, she could send pictures this week!  All the new photos are posted on the pictures page!)

I am just going to catch you up with pictures this week :) I feel good! excited to start anew and learn more :) and I have gotten to spend a lot of time in the office the last couple days waiting for my companion to arrive from the south.  Then we had to go back for my trainer to have training to train me and President asked me to attend as well. Then President was in our meeting this morning and it was insane, really rare. So i feel really excited and pumped to work miracles in San Juan :) He just talked to us about being diligent and told us that if we do the work of the Lord in the way he has organized it, we will have a baptism and a rescue every week. He is amazing, just that he makes us all feel like we can work miracles while at the same time gently calling us to repentance. It is great.  

I am in the same area with a new companion. Her name is Hermana Trejo from Honduras.  She has been out for 4 and a half months and is training me for the first time.  She is really nice and funny.  She likes to work and laugh.  She is teaching me a lot already and it has been good.  She is super positive.  Oh, and she doesn't speak a lick of English.  There is a ton of potential and I am way excited.

I will be more organized next week I promise. I just wanted to get you caught up, and mostly all that happened this week was all the psychosis with cambios. I love and miss you dearly :) Luckily, Easter didnt really feel like Easter so I wasn't overly sad. Well.... I didnt cry for long. Hahaha.  I miss you too so much,  but I also am excited to be here and growing so much :) Just 5 days until the next Pday.  I love you :) Have an amazing 5 days. I love you :) I love you.  I hope these random pictures come through :) I love you! be safe and happy until next week :)


Hermana Bailey

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