Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Can't Even Actually Believe it is September!

Me and Hermana Tuquerres! Hermana Tuquerres and I?
Me and the GRINGAS!

One of the roads in our area the day I was so cold, I wore something that didn't match... sorry Mom. Hahaha




Familiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Who I love :) Is it cold there yet? I am frozen, for your information. Hahaha, not really, it is just colder than usual :)


This week started in a trio with Hermana Wilkins and Hermana Quist which was actually really fun, but I felt like a walking terrorist target between two blondes. Just kidding. There haven't been terrorists here for like at least 20 years. Hahaha, mom calm down.  I really am so kidding :) I feel soooo safe here, especially compared to San Juan :) I love Ayacucho so much, except maybe the mountain.

Also this week, I was sitting in district meeting thinking that I am so grateful I am not a newbie. There is a sweet new elder in my district who just kept suggesting contacting in parks as a way to find new families, and I was just like "Elder there are no parks in the real missionary world, just sheep". Hahaha, but really, I am so grateful to finally not be lost all the time and to feel somewhat like I know what I am doing. It is a nice feeling. Hahaha,  I have sooooo far to go, but I finally feel so good about it all :)

Dad's "natural man" email last week was very well timed. I feel like I am trying so hard to become a saint through the Atonement and learning and understanding it, but I am just so incredibly weak. Ugh. Saints and sinners :) It is a really fine line.... hahaha, but I am really learning my purpose in life and what it even means to be a saint, a disciple of Christ in all that we do forever :)

Kati!!! Had her baby.... which is so great :) except we haven't been able to meet with her much. But I am so happy for her! I can't wait to see her baby.  Peruvian babies are sooo cute, usually. 

Something random that I have learned this week is how important communication is and how important it is to be able to talk about anything and everything all the time in all relationships... including someday with a spouse and within families. It is just soooo important to me. Especially since I talk a lot,  maybe demaciado. (too much). hahahaha

So funny story of the week,  on Saturday we were riding the bus down to the chapel and it was highly eventful. The bus gets SOOO full and we were standing up and an old mamita got on. Before she had good footing they took off, and in her panic she flailed and strangled me in order to save herself... Hahaha. It was actually really sad and funny.   I  had to hold her up until even more people got on and it wasn't even possible to fall. On that same note, I don't think I have ever been that close to a man,  not in a long time anyway. The Ruta is hilarious. So dang many people, and the mamitas with the weird grass I think they maybe eat and my too tall (yes, I am REALLY tall here) neck kinked and squished against the ceiling, and the little dirty selva girl with a chicken in a bucket. So funny. So many adventures.

Yesterday, I was sitting in church in Relief Society and there is this really fun old grandma/mamita named Imiran who I love. She is so sweet, and like most everyone, pretty darn poor. She has a little store, but it is an adobe house. I looked over and saw her sealing up her tithing envelope and I started to cry. There are so many devoted saints in this world, and I just hope to someday have the faith that they do,  of that little old woman paying her tithing. She also has a daughter on a mission. I love her :)

Well, the focus in the mission is still families families families! I think I have contacted more this week than in my entire life which is actually quite frightening. But I know that we are eventually going to find the family that is waiting for this message.  I just know it. If you could include that in your fast next week and in your prayers... that the missionaries of Alameda can find families to teach and baptize so they can make the covenants I know are so essential to a beautiful, eternal family like the one I am so blessed to have. I love you all so much it hurts, and I don't even have words to express it. Thank you so much for all you do.

Go to the temple for me! Have a great week! How are the boys? and the extended family? I love you all so much.

Te Amo!!


Just a typical day, herding your donkeys and such in your mamita gear.

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