Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When Time Touches Eternity...

Holy heck, we almost died in a massive earthquake! Just kidding!  I didn't even know it  was an earthquake at first.  I thought I was falling asleep. Hahahaha, no worries :)

Well. It was a really bittersweet week. We actually had a lot of success! First off Fabiola was baptized on Saturday and it was great. She really has a strong desire to repent and  always be worthy. It is a huge testimony to me of the power of the Atonement. Also we had more lessons with Kathy, the pregnant lady, and she is amazing. She is so sweet and so prepared for the gospel it is ridiculous.

We also found a family this week! They were actually a contact from  President when he came and they are a family of 10!  I really have hope that they will progress as a family. But it was actually  also a really, really funny lesson. So we knew the dad had like a problem with his arm and couldn't work, but we had never met the rest of the family. Well, they let us in and we were just talking to him and his wife and his wife starts crying and telling us how hard it has been  because her husband was like shot and almost died.  Then this sweet crazy mamita lady stands up and starts unbuttoning her husbands shirt and we just about died. But really she was just  showing us the  bullet wounds all on his chest. Horrifying, but way less horrifying than I feared. But they really are a great family with a lot of needs that the gospel can fill.

In other random funny stories, we got in a taxi this week and he wouldn't haggle prices with Hermana Rush so we agreed to just go collective, which means we pay 1 sol and he can pick up other passengers on the way, but usually no one ever gets in. Well 5 more men got in and we were crammed in a little tiny car and it was so dang funny I almost peed laughing at our awkwardness. Oh,  the life.

Well, saying goodbye was horrible. First off I felt for her because she has been here so long and has so many strong relationships here. She just cried and cried, and they all cried.  She has changed so many lives here with her example, and love, and spirit. She is an infinitely stronger, more amazing missionary than she can see. Then it finally came time to say goodbye in the bus station and I cried like a baby. This change with her changed my mission. I literally fell in love with it. Every part of it. I feel confident and happy.  She taught me how to love people and my companions. She lifted me and made me a better missionary. She is a woman of great faith, and I will miss laughing and talking dearly, but I am so grateful for the time we had.

Well, I am excited to get back to work! Changes are  hard, but I have learned so much from every one. Onward and upward! I love you all so dang much. Be happy :)

Remember the moments when time touches eternity :)


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