Monday, October 27, 2014

hApPy HaLlOwEeN!!!

Did you know that it is actually incredibly difficult to spell Halloween? just FYI.


And seeing your lovely faces made me very happy. Hahaha and I laughed really hard with the hump day screaming.  I think I might forward it to the other Hermanas just for pure entertainment. Hahaha


This week flew by. Every week flies by really. On Pday this week, the Hermanas (well two of them) from Nasca came down for Pday and it was hilarious.  It was Hermana chavez (who I was with in San Juan) and Hermana Wilkins. All we did was shop and talk but it was probably the funniest thing in the whole world. Then, that night I was praying like kneeling with my head on the floor and I heard a weird noise and then something touched my arm and I looked up and it was a ginormous cockroach. I just started speaking gibberish in Spanish and English and my comp was like"what the crap are you doing I was praying", and I was like "so was I, but there is a cockroach and IT IS COMING FOR US".  So we just started screaming and jumped on her bed and then the bed broke so we screamed some more and then we killed it. So now.... not as thankful for cockroaches. Because one touched me. I might pray with one eye open now.... even though we used so much raid we almost suffocated for a week.

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting and it has been so fun to work so much with the missionaries. It is almost like they are our investigators because we are trying to convert them to family history. Hahaha but seriously, the Elders in this zone are very very special, and they always make me think of the boys and how awesome they are going to be as missionaries.

This week Hermana Chavez (who is a sister leader) came up from Nazca to have an intercambio with us and we did it like in a trio. And it was a riot. Literal insanity. But it was really fun and I actually learned a lot. We had a really deep conversation during language study because they want to go to the states after the mish and study, but it is a big leap of faith. But I am like ninety percent sure Hermana Chavez has the gift of tongues and has received her answers... she just needs to do it. So I like went on a rant about trusting in God and living to receive the blessings of the temple and then we all just talked and bawled, but good spiritual crying. So that was fun. She seriously reminds me so much of mom it is crazy.... hahaha

The huge accomplishment of this week was that I now know all of the words to the Cucaracha song. Like the song that everyone always half sings because they don't know the words? I know them. And I am so very proud.Hahahahaha

Yesterday, we went to the stake center to  teach some lessons and like on Wednesday someone called us and was like "Oh, we want to have small training with you" and I was like "Ya sounds great" and we walked in and there were literally like 100 people. Oh that was fun. Hahahaha, but it really was a really spiritual training so that is good and it made all of the people excited about family history and going to the temple.  So we are gaining some member support and starting the fire in ica :) I really think if it just starts.... it is going to be remarkable. I just feel it :) Also, yesterday I got to take the sacrament after 1 month without it and it was the best thing in the world. Literally. Hahahaha D&C 59:9 was my scripture of the whole week just in anticipation for Sunday.

There is a song I want you to listen to, it reminds me of all the people who are special to me and of Heavenly Father and just it is a good song. But I don't know what it is called... The chorus is like "never alone, never alone, I'll be in every beat of your heart when you face the unknown".... so you should look it up :) Because I love you so so so much. hahahaha

Sorry this email is short.... it felt longer while I was typing. Also, I watched the hump day videos like 80 times laughing my head off, so I think it was time well spent. 

I love you all so so much it is crazy, I challenge you all this week to do something incredibly spiritual to mark my nine months..... like gift a Book of Mormon or a pamphlet, or bring someone to church or learn the cucaracha song.  And then tell me about it next week :) Hahahaha I love you so much! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (I expect pictures of that from all.... or  I will kill you. Mwahahaha)


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