Monday, October 20, 2014

Strength Isn't Something You Have, It's Something You Find

Familia Whom I Love!! Hahahahaha How are you?!?!

This week.... was so fun! Weeeelll every week is fun because I just love the mission. But anyway it was a great week! I hope you all had a great week :) It looks very fall-y. Of that I am a tad jealous, Hahahaha. It is just hot here. It is seriously like Yucca Valley in so many ways. Maybe a few more pscyho people though. Just because it is Peru.

Huacachina!! So last Monday for Pday we went with the zone to Huacachina which is like an oasis thing. But apparently the whole goal is to climb the desert mountain of sand and be able to see the whole oasis which sounds and looks SO much easier than it is. We literally almost died. Hahahahaha but it was so fun and the elders in our zone are so dang funny. They crack me up. They also had to rescue my companion who was too afraid to run down the mountain which was even funnier because they had to climb up again. It was a way fun.  It was a hard Pday, but when we got to the top and were looking all out over the desert, someone said, "Wow imagine what Lehi felt like!" And then we really started talking about it because THIS IS ACTUALLY THE PLACE MAS O MENOS WHERE THEY WERE. Ah. It was so cool. Spiritual conversations on the top of a burning hot sand mountain :) are the best thing in the whole world. Oh, also, they were totally inhumanely killing pigs and I have a video of the Elders reactions that I cannot wait to show you in 9 months. Hahahaha

Well Tuesday was more or less uneventful, but we did have a lesson with these two little boys like 9 and 10 years old who were doing their family history for Duty to God and they got soooo excited! They were so excited to see the names of their great grandparents and it was a really cool spirit that entered when they got so excited.  I love family history! We also had a mashed potato disaster... Hermana Muñoz made mashed potatoes and she like tasted them a little and was like "oh they are delicious", but she forgot to put in the milk so when I put a big old spoonful in my mouth, I almost died. Straight instant potatoes and gross butter. Tears came out of my eyes and she laughed so hard we almost died. Oh the adventures of cooking in Peru.

On Wednesday... Hermana Muñoz's computer got a virus and it is equally as funny, albeit terrifying. It talks and opens up weird pages and we keep trying to fix it, but it is possessed. 

One of the fun things I have been doing this change is teaching English, not only to my companion, but to Hermana Alonso and Hermana Torres as well and it has been so fun, and funny. They all know how to say "What's up dude?," "You're a liar.", "I hate you", and "nitwit". So there is my success as a teacher, hahaha.

Also this week I was reading about Jemima Brown again and how when the pioneers would sing "All is well", she would think "Be gad, all is bad", and I feel like I really would have gotten along well with her. She sounds hilarious. 

Also,  this week, one of the elders brought us pecans that he picked off a tree in their yard and they were SOOOO good, but then we were trying to crack them and one bounced off the floor and hit a man in the head walking down the street in front of the church. Most awkward street contact known to man. Hahahahahaha

We have been trying a lot to like pump up the Elders to bring their people to visit us so we can have success and it has been so funny. They live in the boonies.... literally, in sand drifts, like half of them anyway.  On Friday we made a little handout thing and went to visit all of them and share a scripture and set a date for a lesson. We were in a little moto for like 2 hours and it was probably the scariest thing of my life, but I think it worked :) They are getting really excited.

And then, to top it all off, we had Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday (no, I haven't taken the sacrament in 1 whole month. I think I am inactive) and they talked ALL about family history. It was so perfect! But at the night Saturday session, the Seventy was talking all about family history (Elder Vallejo from Ecuador) and he called me up to speak and share my thoughts. I almost died. Hahahaha President was there and like 400 people. But I did it! And then the Seventy just kept telling me how great my Spanish was and it was a very terrifying, cool night. Hahaha

Then, to top it all off, yesterday we had an amazing experience at the end of the day with family history. A recent rescue and her son came in to do their family history. She knew her brother who works in the temple in Lima had been doing some of the work and searching, so we just started looking for names. Well they all started popping up! We went into the vertical view of her tree and there were even pictures! I clicked on the one of her deceased mother and there were like 6 so I started looking through them and all of a sudden I just felt her grab my hand. There were tears running down her face. Her son just looked at me and said she has never seen her mother. She died the year after she was born. It was the most touching moment I have had in family history so far, and it made it all worth it! Us and the Elders were all crying, and it was perfect.

Oh family, I love you soooo much! Do your family history :) Remember that you are loved all the way from Peru!


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