Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Love the Mission

Josie and her family.

Our Pension's Family
Hermana Bailey, you have a change! You will be opening an area in Institute and Family History in Ica. Your new companion is Hermana Muñoz from chile. They will be closing your current area to Sisters and place Elders.


OH MY GOSH I HAD A CHANGE. And it totally shocked me. Completely. I literally almost had a stroke. Hahaha they told my comp first that she had a change and I was like "um, what?" And then they said the rest! I was so taken by surprise. I will be doing what Hermana Jameson was doing when I got to the mission in San Juan. 

Well, that night we were literally up all night packing and trying to get everything ready for the Elders to move in, fixing our area book, making notes on everything, etc. The next morning, we had to break the news to the family we live with. Then we heard music blasting outside and found our pension waiting outside to take us to his house for a farewell breakfast. Then, our ward mission leader took us out in his car to find every house and person that was important so that he could help the missionaries that are coming. Members were calling us all day. They are so sad that they are taking sisters out of the ward. I cried pretty much all morning saying goodbye to everyone and then again in ward council that night. 
When we finished all that, like 6 families came to our house to help us get all of our stuff to Cruz Del Sur, the bus station. We got there and it was insanity. Since there wasn't church to say goodbye to everyone, like half the stake was there to say goodbye to all the missionaries that were leaving. It was really tender actually. Then, when I had to say goodbye to Hermana Jameson,  I almost started bawling all over again.  I have been in a zone with her 4 out of my 5 changes, and this change will be her last. She is staying in Ayacucho to start half-time family history with Hermana Bott! They will be so great. Then, we got on the stupid bus. Hermana Wilkins had a change as well, so we were sitting by each other. We talked a lot because it is almost impossible to sleep. 10 hours of dark, stupid bus hell. Hahaha, it is not that bad.... but it is not good.

At 7 o'clock the next morning when we got to Lima, we piled in a taxi with all of our bags to get to the office. AHHHH civilization :) hahaha it was awesome. 

So I am going to explain what I know of all these new changes and such.

They called 6 companionships to work in family history. 2 of those (including mine) are full time working in Family History and Institute. The others will be half-time starting to be opening like family history stuff. Our title is Sister Missionary Retencion Specialists. this is one of the only missions in South America starting with this to the extent that we are. I kid you not I feel the Spirit so strong just writing about it. When we got to the office, 11 of the 13 sisters that will be doing it, including Hermana Bott (oh my gosh I was soooo happy to see her) Hermana Wilkins and Hermana Santiago all piled into a van with President Douglas and we drove to the area offices. There, we had a brief training and it was so spiritual. We were all sitting around a big table, and when they started testifying about how this would help with retention and change the way missionaries work, it was almost hard to breathe I felt the spirit so strongly. I am so grateful to be a part of this. I can't even explain it. 

Well, shortly thereafter we said goodbye, and I said goodbye to Hermana Bott. We went out and caught the bus to Ica, and I got to sit on an even worse bus for 6 more hours..... Hahahaha it was awesome. Hahaha but all went well and we arrived safely in Ica! Me and my comp as well as Hermana Wilkins and Hermana Freyre who both left for Nazca this morning. When we got there at 10 p.m.  The zone leaders were waiting for us and Elder Colton, my first District Leader, is my new Zone Leader! They took the other four Hermanas (also Hermana Torres and Hermana Alonzo from our zone) to their house and then came back for us. The two Elders went with all of our bags, and the taxi was so small they were literally hanging out the window. Hilarious! Hahaha at 11 o clock at night. Oh, I love the mission so much.

Well, I am a little in the dark about my new assignment too. Hahaha my companion was serving in San Juan in the Institute, so she knows whats going on :) Thankfully. We will be in an office in the Stake Center, working with recent converts, recent rescues, and less actives.

OH, I ALMOST FORGOT: I finished the Book of Mormon last week :) on the 1st of October. I know the Book of Mormon is true without a doubt in my heart. 

Also, I have an intense request. Plea.  I really need this. Everyone needs to get involved in Family Search :) Get on, scan in pictures, do the trainings, put in stories, everything. Let's do this together :) You can literally be doing what I am doing and helping me :) Involve the whole family! I feel that it is going to have a HUGE impact.  Seriously :) Also, mom, can you send me a separate email with all the dates and places of births, deaths, and marriages for all of my grandparents 4 generations back, as well as any brief facts about them? Also dates of birthdays for all my aunts and uncles and grandparents on both sides.

Oh man. I feel so scattered. So blessed :) So happy. So excited. I GET TO OPEN AN AREA IN INSTITUTE AND FAMILY HISTORY IN ICA PERU. Oh pray for us. Pray for this program :) I testify that the Lord is truly hastening His work in His time and we are all a part of it :)

Oh, I love you all so so so so much.


Hermana Jameson and Hermana Bott (note that one was before the 10 hour bus ride and stressful training and one was after. Hahaha no judgement!)

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