Monday, March 2, 2015

The Spirit of God and the Nasca Sun... Both Burn.

Hola my dearly beloved family whom I love!!! How is everything going? Wow I just love you all so much. Maybe a little too much :) Hahaha, well actually that probably isn't even possible.


I am rambling.

This week for P-day we played with water balloons and stuff and it was a really fun activity. I think it really helped us get closer as a zone too. It was hysterical and greatly appreciated because it was soooo dang hot. Seriously. It is always hot...but the sun and mountains are gorgeous, so I am OK with it :) That night we went to visit one of our investigators named Gustavo and we were talking to him about how his experience was in church the day before.  He was like "Hermanas, remember when you promised me that if I sacrificed and came to church, God would bless me to find work?" And we were like "uh..... yes?" And he said, I found work! I walked out of the church and was walking home and a man stopped me in the street and asked me if I wanted to work for him. The promise worked!" He just looked so happy and almost like shocked as he was telling us. It was awesome :) A huge testament of the blessings of church attendance and a big testimony builder to me because I am still like nervous sometimes to tell people if they come to church it will all somehow work out because they are all poor and need to work... but it is true. The blessings are real, and they always come.

On Wednesday I came up to Ica to do an exchange with Hermana Villena, Hermana Bott's companion. When I was in Ica we lived together for a transfer so I know her really well and it was a really successful exchange. Also, I love Ica and I got to see a ton of people I worked with when I was here and the Galindo family, so it is always awesome to come up to Ica :) I'm here right now actually... hahaha. Also with Hermana Villena we were able to talk a lot about teaching and teaching in the way the Savior teaches and it was really cool. We had a couple really cool experiences and made some really good goals. I learn more in exchanges than anywhere else... I just love seeing how everyone teaches. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with Basilia, one of our investigators, and her prayer was amazing. One of her road blocks is that she doesn't want to do anything without her husband, and he is always busy. But her prayer was so sincere and so powerful that I really think we are going to be able to see progress with him this week. Then after the lesson with her, we found a new investigator who is catholic but has a ton of questions and a deep testimony. Although there are like 80 little santitos like the Virgin Mary and the other ones and such, and they freak me out when we are teaching her. Yay catholic nations! Hahaha and after that we had a lesson with a less active and his mom and two of the young men and the District President came with us, and it was awesome. But the two young men I found out after aren't even members because they don't have parent permission.... and they are amazing. They are 14 and 15, they remind me of Judd and come faithfully every week. It breaks my heart, seriously. Also, I liked having them because there were a few drunks out and they were acting all tough and "protecting" us and it was hilarious. Hahaha and I made them contact  a lady to practice for their missions and they were so excited. I love the youth.

On Friday we went to Marcona to do family history! Marcona is an area about 1 more hour south of Nasca. It is right on the beach and it is super pretty. The saints down there are really faithful, and it is always worth the 1 hour van ride with the miners and mamitas to get to Marcona and teach family history :)

Holy crud. Saturday was the most difficult fast I have ever done. It was the hottest day of the week and every single house offered us Inca cola. TEMPTATION. But it was actually one of the most meaningful fasts I have ever had. That night, I was reading in preach my gospel and it says something like the central purpose of this life is to put our life in harmony with the will of the Father through repentance. And that just hit me really hard.... that is literally the purpose of our life. To just get it all in line with the Father. 

Then, on Sunday morning... we walked around all morning to pick up everyone who was going to go to church and NOBODY COULD. It was just like,  "Noooo not again!!!!!" It was a little discouraging, but the bright spot was this group of 3 less active sisters came and the whole branch was soooo excited to see them. We have been working a ton with them. The older sister is pregnant and is ashamed to come to church. She still wasn't ready Sunday, but we are working really hard with them. They are amazing :)

We had actually a lot of eternal investigators yesterday, and it just made me sad. People who can't progress due to someone else. I am so grateful for the atonement and the knowledge that someday all will be right. 

The gospel is true.

A mission is the best thing anyone could do.

Christ lives, and He loves us :)

And I love you! Have a great week!!!

Hermana Bailey

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