Monday, July 20, 2015

Howard Bound

Hola mi querida familia whom I love dearly and eternally so much!!!!!!!!

You guys are the best, did you know that? 

Well, I am really pretty scattered, and I don't know what to say. I can't believe that this day is real, or that the time has gone by so fast. I feel so grateful and so blessed, and my heart is so full that it hurts.

This week was miraculous and very tender, full of soooo many tender mercies and special moments that were like little divine signatures and gifts from my Heavenly Father.

I wanted to bear my testimony this week, because that is one of the most tender mercies that Heavenly Father has helped me to have during this time.

I know that families can be together forever, and that the sealing power of the priesthood exists in his holy temples. Helaman 10:7, Malachi 4:5-6, Doctrine and Covenants 110:13-16

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God to restore His church. Doctrine and Covenants 135

There is a plan! We came from living with God, and we are here to prepare to live with Him again.  Alma 34:32-33

There is only one way to return to HIm, by accessing the power of the Atonement through faith in Christ and His Atonement; daily, constant, profound and sincere repentance; making and keeping sacred covenants; and enduring to the end.  2 Nefi 31

The only way to be happy in this life is by making covenants and keeping commandments. Mosiah 2:41

The Book of Mormon is true.  It is my guide and my strength. It is the most correct of any book on this earth. Moroni 10:3-5

I know that my Redeemer lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives.... 3 Nefi 11... He is here. He is in your world's darkest moments, and He will be the light.

Love.... it is why Christ suffered and died for us. It is why God sent His only son. It is why we live and breathe. It is how we grow closer to Him. It is the most powerful force on this earth, 2 Nefi 26:24

I know that angels and spirits exist, and that they protect and minister unto us. Moroni 7:29-30

I know that miracles happen every single day in our lives, and that they are tender mercies of the Lord poured continually upon us because God loves us. Ether 12:12

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Amos 3:7

I know that Christ suffered in Gethsemane and that as we ponder that fact, our hearts are filled with profound gratitude that crowds out all negativity. Alma 34:38

I know that divine light and peace develop in places of peace and quiet, and that our own minds and hearts can be sanctuaries of peace. Moroni 8:26

I know that the Holy Ghost can influence and guide us in all things, and that if we are worthy, it can dwell with us always. 2 Nefi 31:12, 2 Nefi 32:3, Ether 4:11, Moroni 10:5

That trust in Christ and in His grace and love lead to hope through the Atonement and Resurrection Moroni 7:41 and that this faith and hope brings peace to us.

The power of the Atonement makes it possible for us to  repent, and erases the pain and despair caused by sin. 2 Nefi 9:7

The atonement also allows us to see, do, and become good and more like Christ, molding us in ways that we could never do for our mortal selves. Eter 12:27, Moroini 9:25-26, Phil 4:7

He lives! And He is our eternal hope. He is the light and the life of our own personal worlds. He is the source of peace and joy. He loved us enough! He came to earth and He kept the most holy of covenants-one that he made with the Father to suffer and die for each of us that we may return. He loved enough, and through Him all things are possible and all things have a divine purpose. There. Is. Nothing. Impossible. For. HIM. He died to save ALL. He rose again to break the bands of death for ALL. His eternal sacrifice is incomprehensible to me. But I do know that its power is so very, very real and that He loves us.

                These 18 things I know. Y en el fin, todo es Gracias a Él

I am so incredibly blessed and so incredibly grateful. I can't even express how much my heart is feeling right now. This last Saturday was possibly the most beautiful, tender day of my mission. We went to the temple, and on Friday when we met Hermana Rush and Hermana Mendez (Nasca and Ica) to go up together, Lisbeth and Enrique and Fernando were with them as well. Them and Hermana Mendez didn't tell me anything, but they came up on Saturday with us to the temple and it was AMAZING. So grateful, so blessed, so sweet and tender. We also saw a ton of the relief society from San Juan and Hermana Bott and Hermana Bond and Hermana Rush and Hermana Mendez and Hermana Chavez. Then we got home right in time for Hermano Roberto's baptism done by Eutemio, our recent convert, and the Spirit by that point was so strong it was choking me. I. am. so. blessed. 

I love being a missionary. 

I love this gospel.

I love my Savior :)

Oh, tis sweet to sing the matchless love. 

Until next time,

Hermana Bailey

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