Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do you not know I have had diarrhea since Easters?

Hahahaha Familia!!! Whom I love!!

The title of this email has reference to Nacho Libre. Please watch it in my memory :) hahaha

Anyway. It has been a crazy week! Well, crazy as any other week I guess. The weeks just feel like they fly by! It is a little terrifying. Anyway.

First we have a new (ish) investigator named Kathy who I think I have mentioned, but I just love her. We had another lesson with her this week and she just gets it! She read what she was supposed to and then just told us all about it. We usually have to like review it all so that they understand it.... but she just gets it. Hahaha it is really just refreshing. Her sister also has a baptismal date for the same day and just wants to move forward with her life. Pray for them to keep progressing :) We have a FHE with them tonight and they both have baptismal dates for the 30th of this month. They are family of the recent convert family that are just awesome. They are family of Jossy as well so they have a good support system. 

Also this week, President came for a training and it was really really good. We talked all about the atonement and how it relates to missionary work and it was just generally really,  really good. I learned a ton. And then.... he left with me and Hermana Rush to work. Which we had kind of been feeling like might happen all week.  Just when we thought we were safe he came and told us he had two hours that he wanted to spend with us proselyting. Talk about panic attack. We ended up teaching Rosemary's family and it actually went well enough. He also contacted in the taxi and the street and we just listened and followed him in awe. Hahaha. So that was really good :) Albeit terrifying.

Well, that night at like 2 in the morning I woke up and had some really wicked sickness. So we actually ended up staying in all Saturday and everything but church yesterday. It is like the first time I have had to stay in for me and I was a little stir crazy. But Hermana Rush kept me rational and sane. Hahaha, I feel SO MUCH better today, like huge change.  The hilarities that came out of the sickness were almost worth it. Like on Saturday, after we called the Health Elder and he didn't answer we got a text in Spanish that said, "did you guys call me?" So Hermana Rush answered in Spanish, "Yes my companion has a ton of sickness." And he answered in Spanish,  "Which one of you?"  And so she answered in English because he is a gringo.  And then he answered in Quechua and she was like, "what the heck?" So she answered in really ugly Quechua and then it was just letters in response.  And that's when we realized it was the Relief Society President who we also called that morning. Ahahahah.   Then that night I was so sick that I couldn't handle eating the fish some members gave us, and Hermana Rush sacrificed and ate it for me, gaining forever number one companion status.  Hahaha It has been very eventful, albeit a bit frustrating.

I love thinking about the Atonement. All day yesterday while I was sleeping and being irrational, I kept thinking of the song "Breath of Heaven". I just love this Gospel and thinking about my Savior :)

Alma 26:22!!

I love you and miss you all so much! Congratulations on all the success at the fair. I am so proud of each and every one of you!  I have the best family in the whole world :) But i already knew that. I love you!

Hermana Bailey
First Llama I have seen.  It was in a sketchy zoo.


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