Monday, April 6, 2015

I Can Teach You to Dance, but You Have to Hear the Music....

That talk was sooo pretty. I really loved it and thought it was profound :) and I love music. It was Wilford A Andersen of the 70 :)

Holy moly hola my familia who I love so deeply and eternally!!!

Happy (belated) Easter and conference weekend!!! Wasn't it amazing? I think it was amazing. I love conference, and I think easter is one of the most tender holidays ever. It is just a really special time of year :) I loved stepping back a little this year and really trying to think about what was happening during this last week more than 2000 years ago in the life of Christ (which isn't that difficult when you live in a catholic country with lots of relatively scary parades and so forth to reenact it all) and it was a really cool experience. 

Last Monday for pday we traveled!! Whoo hoo! Hahah this week was concilio for leaders in Lima so on Monday we got up bright and early to head for Ica. We did internet there and then ate Burger King. :) Ahhh, tender mercies ahahaha. Then, I went to Lima with Hermana Bott and her comp Hermana Villena who is also a leader this change. We had to take the normal bus (we usually take vip which is faster and has bigger seats and doesn't stop every 10 seconds and has air conditioning) to pick up another sister in CaƱete.... so that was entertaining. Hahaha but I got to see Hermana Wilkins for like 6 seconds and it is always a delight to get to talk to Hermana Bott, so all is well :)

The next day was concilio and it was sooo good. I really love and respect President and Hermana Douglas so much. I am really going to miss them when they leave. They are truly amazing. And after more than a year I feel really close to them. And the spirit was very, very strong in this concilio. I feel like everything in the mission and the concilios and what I am experiencing just keeps getting more and more spiritual. It is an interesting thing :) They talked a lot about finding and helping people to repent and progress through commitments. I really think we can apply that a lot to my area and progress better, so I am very excited for that.

Then on Wednesday we finally made it back to Nasca after sleeping over in Ica. We were able to have a few lessons and a few in family history. But funny story I was actually feeling sick and so we had to like book it to the capilla and we were in a taxi and there was a song called fireball (I don't know if it exists in English but I don't know that it is good so don't look it up) but it was just so ironic because my insides were on fire and I could help but laugh. Then after I felt way better so no worries :)

One of the really spiritual experiences of this week was when we had a really sweet single mother member (Mayi, she is absolutely amazing. Big fire in this branch) accompanying us to an appointment. It turned out she knew the investigator and that they are both single moms. In the middle of the lesson, we asked Mayi to share her testimony and it was very very powerful. We are hoping we can have more lessons with the two of them this week and help her family to progress :)

We found 2 awesome new investigators also with the help of Mayi, so it was a really good week. I absolutely loved conference, I cant even hit all my favorites but I love when they testify of the atonement and resurrection. I love the fact that we can always change. That God's promises are right there and that he wants to bless us. That he needs us to be as good as we can, and that we can do it! That families are sooooo important and so beautiful. That marriage and home and children are tender :) I am so thankful for the home I was raised in, for my amazing parents and for my brothers. I am so thankful for extended family and for this gospel. For the temple and for the enabling power of the atonement :) For the blessing of being a missionary at this time. It is my only true prayer and hope that I can be and do what the Lord wants me to do and follow HIs will.

Matthew 25:34-40, 21.

I love you all so dearly!

The blessings of the temple are priceless.

All of God's blessings will be received by the obedient.

I love my family!

I know this gospel is true without a shadow of a doubt. 

I love you :)

Hermana Lauren Bailey

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