Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Faith and Her Strand of Plastic Pearls

Lauren and Nicole

My family Whom I Loveth,

First of all, the title of this email is reference to a song that they played for us at the sisters conference. I don't remember it exactly, but I think you could find it on google with this. After the song, they gave us a strand of plastic pearls. It was a really tender song.

Anyway. I am going to write this one by topics to make it a little easier :) and hopefully more comprehensive. My mind is all over the place, but that is nothing new :) I think I have ADD. 

Awkward Moments:
Well, the only one  I can really think of is that we were walking and some men called out to me and called me  ¨bonita gordita gringa¨ which is actually a little creepy and happens a lot but for some reason.  It killed me and I just burst out laughing and I think it simultaneously hurt their feelings and shocked them that I understood them.  They walked away really fast after that. Oh, also I touched the ugly dog that lives on the street! And we are friends now and he is actually really cute.  I think he is cold, which makes me sad. Hahaha because he has no hair. Like almost none at all. And also, there is a rumor or a myth or what not that these types of dogs can heal people like with asthma and stuff. But I think that is a lie because I have had a wicked cold and I am not healed and have been touching him like every day! Hahaha

Weird foods:
I really like papaya, but I simultaneously hate it because it smells and kind of tastes like vomit sometimes. It is a love hate relationship. Yesterday, we had lunch with a member and it was sooo good because it was lasagna and this brothy soup and garlic bread and just generally not rice and peruvian food ahahaha. Also this family is less active, but the husband works for Marriot and speaks english, as well as the wife. There is a marriott here in Lima and it sounds really nice :)

We were running really late to one of the baptisms we had saturday and it was far away, so we caught the first moto that came by. It was me, Hermana Trejo, and nicole who was going to be baptized and it was the most questionable, sketchy moto ever, on busy roads for like 20 minutes. I almost died, and I have a really high danger tolerance now. Hahahaha I only briefly panicked. I dont know how to spell panicked. The other totally typical peru thing that has been happening to us is on and off  is not having electricity in the morning, which means no hot water. This morning, the shower was so cold I was labor breathing.  It was awesome, but hey,  on the bright side I am really awake now. Hahaha

Tender Mercies:
The sisters conference was definitely a huge tender mercy. The instant I saw Hermana Bott, we just hugged each other.  I seriously love her, she is by far one of my best friends, which is weird. But a huge tender mercy :) She is doing great. I also saw Hermana Bond and Hermana Rush. I love them all so dang much. Laughing with Hermana Rush was just as great and stress relieving as it was in the CCM, and I loved just seeing that they are all still alive. It was great, and the conference was really beautiful and uplifting. It's true, women need each other.
The other tender mercy is the DVDs we have of the District. My companion was on bedrest for 3 more days this week, and it is sad how much entertainment I got out of the district. I almost peed my pants laughing. 

The lesson highlights of this week were definitely the two baptisms. Nicole just cried and told me that when I bore testimony to her about repentance and the Atonement, it all clicked and she felt of the love of Christ. She gave me her ring and bore a killer testimony in the baptismal service. Then, in Paula´s baptism, we had a ton of support from the ward.  Her mom, who is inactive and living with a man right now, came and felt the spirit really strong and is working on reactivation now. Paula is only 16, but she has a testimony that is stronger than mine. She wants to serve a mission and will be so amazing. It was a beautiful day. I love to see the gospel change people and bring the happiness and hope into their lives :)

Administrative boring things....
First off thank you so much for the purity and the oil for my hair. I think it is serioulsy saving my hair. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also, no rush, but in the next package you send I would love some Opcon A and a package thingy like the yellow padded envelopes, an empty one so I can try to send you stuff someday :)

Well, that is a pretty comprehensive email I think. I love you all so dang much and miss you with all of my heart. I love this gospel, and I love that it is a message of hope and joy and repentance and love. The gospel is light and it is a beautiful burden. I am so proud of my beautiful family. Of my Mom who was the best example I could have. For my dad who is worthy and amazing and a wonderful Stake President. For my sweet, kind, handsome brothers. For extended family that supports me. For grandparents :) For Grandma Judy! Oh how I love you all so much. Never forget :) I love love love you! Have a great week :)

xxooxxoo Lauren

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