Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Just Love You :)

I am trying to think of what happened this week.... We actually had to stay in for Thursday until Sunday, with the exception of our Baptism on Saturday because Hermana Trejo was really sick. But I did Inter Changes with the Hermanas from the other ward so it was ok :) We also had the opportunity to go into the office for a training with President, just our companionship and him. It was amazing :) He showed us a different way to plan for weekly planning and it changed my whole mission. It was amazing :) He is an amazing man, I love to learn from him and feel of his spirit.

 Holy cow I loved your email and the pictures! I love you all so much. It is a little ridiculous. Sorry about Dad's knee.... but I also find it a little funny. Haahaha ;)

The baptism of Lucero was the best. She was so ready and excited to start this new pathway in her life. Also very cool was that Miguel baptized, a continuation on his path of conversion. It is amazing to see the gospel work in peoples lives. it changes a person completely.  Even when things are incredibly difficult, we have the peace and assurance that comes from the testimonies we have of the gospel.  It is truly a beautiful thing.

We had a big family home evening with a bunch of ward members last night to welcome lucero into the ward.  It was beautiful.  Hermano Manuel and his wife were there too.  Manuel is so amazing.  He is so prepared and so committed to this gospel. Please continue to pray for him and Lucero. We also have a baptism in the other ward this weekend of Nicole, who we taught for the elders because she had some things she felt uncomfortable talking about to the elders.  Please pray for her and also Paula, a little 16 year old who i think will be baptized the 21st.  I feel so very blessed with the success we have been having lately.  We are seeing the fruits of the work we did the last change. Also, yesterday we were able to set a goal for baptism and marriage for a couple where the husband is less active and the wife is investigating the church, along with one of their daughters who is 8 years old. Their names are Luis, Clara, Alondra, and Salina. I know lots of people to pray for! I  just have so much faith in the power of your prayers and faith that  I know it helps, maybe more than mine do :)

It is interesting, one of the big problems for baptisms here is that a lot of people are living together, not married. Ahahaha. Oh peru, where nothing ever really gets done, including marriage ;) One of the pictures is us in the taxi on the way back from the office with the Hermanas of Institute. I haven't really changed much at all... aahahaha :) The next one is us with Lucero and her Grandma at the baptism ;)

I have been thinking a lot in the sacrament and its doctrine and meaning for us this week. There is a really really really good article in this months Ensign about the sacrament in the beginning. I loved it ;) I love you! I cannot tell you how much you all mean to me. And how much I love our family relationship and shenanigans :) Thank you for your examples and faith. I love you all so much :) until next week! I loveth you :) be safe! Be happy! Be healthy! (dad, go to the doctor.) Be happy :) laugh, live, love. 2 TImothy 1:7

Te amo! Lauren

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