Monday, June 30, 2014

Proud to Be an American!

Hello my beloved gringo family!

I truly am very proud and feel very blessed to be an American. We live in the promised land, and we are very blessed to have the freedoms that we do. Have a fun 4th of July, I bet it will be awesome! and warm! It is a little chilly here so I am pretty jealous of that fact. Hahaha send my love to all of the family, I seriously love each and every one of them.

Anyway. on to other things...

Random Info:
There is an elder Lleishman in my zone! he is from Colorado and we think his grandpa is the brother of President Leishman. I know he is family because he looks exactly the same as the rest hahaha. It kind of freaked me out when I first met him. I will try to take a picture today for next week! He is a really good elder. Brand new and speaks Spanish better than I do. Turd head.

Weird foods of Peru...
Choclo! chocklo? I don't know how to spell it but it is really just like a big type of corn. It is really good and they serve it a lot with Peruvian cheese which I actually think is goat or llama cheese or something but I just choose not to question it because I like it to an extent. They also like cook the choclo sometimes and it is like a different type of popcorn.

This week the rain is driving me nuts so far. Literally. Nuts. I have the hair of a wild banshee. every single day after about 2 seconds outside. But hey that is life, what can ya do? Hahaha

So.... sad news of this week is that Hermana Dillon went home. She has been really sick for like almost 3 months, and losing weight really fast. we knew she was probably headed for an early termination of her mission. but it was still really surprising and very fast. One day she was here, and we had our last Pday. and then that night they told her she would be going home the next day. It has been a little rough emotionally and just a weird feeling, that all of a sudden she is gone, home in her house. Also, I am now the only American girl in my zone and therefore have not spoken English in a very long time. Well only a week, but it is freakin me out.

Also this week, we had a multi-zone with President. He talked a lot about sacrifice and its relation to a testimony, for ourselves as well as for our investigators. It was amazing. He talked a lot about tithing and it was very powerful. I love to listen to President. It always leaves me inspired and ready to go convert everyone. Ahahaha, also I got to see Hermana Santiago and Hermana Wilkins, and it was nice to vent and commiserate about Hermana Dillon going home in English.

We also had interviews on Friday! They are every three months... and wow that three months flew by really fast! The interviews are only 8 minutes, but it is an amazing 8 minutes. He told me I am most likely having a change in two weeks, so I am preparing myself for that. I will really miss this area, and I am also a little apprehensive of what might be coming my way. Hahaha, but excited at the same time! Changes are good. I never ever thought I would say that ahahahaha.

On a serious note, we had some powerful, sacred experiences this week that impacted me very much. I know without a doubt that the scripture in D&C 84:88 is a promise that is fulfilled. I know that we are protected. I know that the battle between good and evil is very real, both in the world that we can see and in the world around us that we can't see. I know that the bad is fighting hard, but I know that we are on the winning team and can never fall. I know without a doubt that we live in two worlds, one of which we cannot see. I know the gospel is true. I know that we are in the right. I know that we are blessed and protected and that we are winning this battle. We are christian soldiers, marching in this war. 

I love you so much family! I miss you, and you better send me pictures of the 4th! I love you so so so much :) God be with you until we write again in one week! I love you:)
The real Hermana Bailey.....Banshee

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