Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Someone Really Likes the Black Eyed Peas!

My Dearly Beloved Family of Mine,

Every morning, someone is playing the Black Eyed Peas on our street. I am not a fan. I like the Journey and AC DC  a lot more, and Stairway to Heaven. Modern music can be such a disappointment.

For this week I will try to go by topic again :) 

Awkward moments: Last monday, we were all in a taxi and I was attempting to contact the driver- It was all going quite well, he was a single dad with two kids and felt very strongly about families. It started going downhill when he asked me if we were allowed to marry and if we were normal nuns or we could have families.... It was actually really hilarious and I basically ran out of the taxi when we finally got to the store. It is always terrible to be in taxis with two companionships because someone has to sit up front and it is a lot more difficult to escape if it gets awkward. All in all, hilarious. Contacting is by far the most entertaining thing.

Also, on Friday we were eating lunch with a member who invited us and we happened to rememberr that one of the papers we received from the mission of members who have disappeared and we are supposed to find them or where they went had a last name like her daughter's. We asked her, not knowing who it could be because her husband's last names are different and she only has a daughter who is like forty and lives with her and a daughter who is like 30 and lives in France, and this was a male name. so we asked, thinking maybe it was her husband or a cousin or something weird, and she said, "That is my son". I just about choked right then because I was sure we had brought up a son that had died or something. I was getting ready to apologize profusely when she said, ¨My son, is my daughter". Oh my gosh. I really just about choked then. It was better than a latin daytime soap. And those are pretty great. It actually led to a really spiritual conversation about the love of christ and the love of a mother, and temple attendance. She has never gone to the temple because she feels guilt for the decisions of her son slash daughter, but now she has goals to go and be sealed to her other daughter. It was hilarious in a really sad and horrifying kind of way.

The other awkward moment of the week was we had a lesson with Manuel on Friday to answer some more of his last minute questions (He is still set to be baptized saturday! Please pray for him to make it.) While we were teaching, there was this crazy dog who they are dog sitting that was very intent on making me his girlfriend. It was very distracting to teach in Spanish while a dog was trying to rape me. Although I was actually still able to focus and deliver a profound thought in spanish. It felt good,  aside from not-so-secret rapist doggy.

Weird foods and their possible side effects:
Mm seriously look into this Ecco stuff. It is Nestle brand, I wonder if you could find it on the internet. It is just like coffee. We seriously drink it almost every day. It is delicious. and very convenient for people like Manuel who are trying to give up coffee.
Chirumbaya or guanabana or some such. It is a green fruit with white insides and big black seeds. And it is delicious. Seriously. Like heaven.
I also am following in love with Honduran food because my comp cooks for us a lot. Fried green platanos and guacamole. Ah. also, I am no longer a picky eater. And I love tomatoes and onions and peppers. What happened to me?

Our neighbors were passed out drunk at 10 am yesterday morning in the street. That just doesn't happen in that quantity in other countries. Latin America is awesome.
If you think people are late to church in Utah, or you think we are late to church, you should come to 8 o'clock church in San Juan Peru. Before the sacrament (and i mean barely before the sacrament) we had 63 people in the chapel. At the end of the meeting, there were almost 90. All because no one has any concept of punctuality or time here. It is very frustrating but also hilarious.
Also, my favorite redneck peruvian invention of the week is just motorized bicycles. It's great.

Tender Mercies:
We went to the office last monday with Hermana Saucedo and her companion because her comp went home this week. She never wanted to be here. But anyway we spent like 2 hours there and I talked to Hermana Alkema and Hermana Santiago was there for a health blessing because her back is really bad, so I got to see her and cry with her. She might be going home for a while to wait it out, and she is crushed. I think she will find out this week.  But it was a tender mercy to be there in the exact moment she exited presidents office and cry with her.

Hermana Jameson is a huge support to me. She is the freckly one who was with me in the Mothers Day call and she is the Sister Training Leader for Lima and one of the Hermanas of Institute. She is amazing, and she helps me a ton.
Also, last monday, I got two letters from mom and it was a huge blessing . I absolutely love them. I have read them no less than 20 times each. I am going to try to send some old letters today :) It has been a little inconsistent with Serpost. But oh mom, seriously thank you. 
Also Derek sent me a massive package of treats and now everyone is in love with him in my zone. The elders told me if I don't marry him, they will. Horrifyingly hilarious.

What I learned this week scripturally;
I was reading the parable of the talents in Jesus the Christ, and I realized that that is how it is with investigators as well. God is going to give more new investigators to those misisonaries who follow up with the ones they have and quickly decide whether they are going to prgogress or not, not wasting time. This could also apply to blessings, God will give more to those who realize they have them. I love the scriptures, and the parables of christ. I am almost done with Jesus the Christ. Then I am going to read it again :)

Lesson Highlights of the week:
We  talked to the family tapia for like an hour about the signs of the times and it was awesome. It is really cool to think of how many saints there are around the world, righteously awaiting the second coming of Christ.
Amidst the dog crisis, our lesson with Manuel was beautiful. He expressed a doubt about the love of Christ, because so many people are hungry or mentally ill or homeless. I testified that some of us have illnesses that everyone can see, and some of us have illnesses that no one can see, but God who knows us perfectly is going to give us all individually what we need to overcome in this life to return.

We had a lesson with a new investigator named Jesus Lima, and it was amazing. We taught with the hermanas of Institute and us, and the ping pong was flawless. He believes (believed) in reincarnation and refused to accept a baptismal date, but now is working to be baptized in June :) When I have a year in the field, I want to teach like Hermana Jameson. She is just bold and full of power and authority in a loving and fluid way. It was beautiful, and the Spirit was powerful.

Well, I miss you all dearly but know we are all doing well and being blessed. I cant believe school is ending this week! Have so much fun as you start your summer :) My how time flies. Know that I love you all with all of my whole soul, and can't wait to hear about more crazy summer adventures. I love you I love you  I love you. Never forget! Have a great week :) Send my love to the rest of the family! and the young women :)


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