Monday, June 16, 2014

Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars

My Dearly Beloved Family,

I feel so overwhelmed with joy and happiness and gratitude right now! I have felt little promptings ever since I found out that they were replacing the Stake Presidency, including a dream where Dad was the one giving me my final interview when I got home from my mission. I feel so proud of him.  I always have known that he is a man that is better than most men, and yesterday while I was thinking of him during Father's Day and all, a song that is about our Heavenly Father kept running through my head as a realized how amazing my own father is, especially the lines "He loves me the way I am, He is my strength when I stand, He is my kind and my father, I am His daughter¨ I am so thankful to be a daughter of my Heavenly Father, and a daughter of President Jeffrey S. Bailey. I love you all so much.  I feel the many blessings of our family's consecration at this time in our lives every single day.  It is surreal.

Well, in all honesty, your week was more eventful than mine :) My companion has been sick and we had a down week.  I had a lot of time to study and also to learn more about the doctrine of Christ. This week we will have 2 baptisms, one 15 year old girl named Paola and one 18 year old girl named Nicole. They will be baptized on Saturday (for mom's birthday). Also this week on Wednesday we have the Hermanas Conference and I am beyond excited to see Hermana Bott, Bond, and Rush. It is a little ridiculous :) In food news, you should google choko sodas which in reality are just saltines with chocolate but are delicious. They are super popular, but I somehow haven't tried them yet. They are freaking delicious. I highly encourage searching them on amazon, along with Inca cola and Aji.

Haahaha I love you all so much :) I don't really know what else to say.  I feel so overwhelmed by all the news of our family in the last couple months! I am so happy to be a part of such a beautiful family with such great opportunities to become true disciples of Christ. I love each and every one of you with all of my entire heart. Have an amazing week :) Be happy and be healthy. Have fun :) I love you all so much.

Te amo!


My training paper, we had to send it in to be filed but it is proof that I supposedly am a real missionary now!

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