Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Don't Think I Like Rice and Potatoes Anymore!

My Dearly Beloved Family of Mine!

Well. I am going to categorize this letter again. Here goes. I dont think my brain works like other people's brains. Hahaha

Awkward Moments!
Well really only the thought that every day of my life is pretty awkward because it involves contacting. And that is difficult in a city of people who are not interested in listening. It was a challenge slash commandment from president to try and talk to every family and couple. So big ol gringa Hermana Bailey has been chasing down families and couples as they ignore me. Hahaha but! There are also the special few that listen to me and that I get to testify of the importance of the restored gospel and the message that families can be eternal. I got frustrated once because this lady and her husband and their child were running for me so I just yelled ├»n spanish ¨Your family can be eternal and  I am spending 18 months here away from mine to tell you! And they stopped. And they listened to me and we took down their info and sent it to the other missionaries in their area. So that made me feel good. Hahaha welcome to my awkward world ;)

Weird foods!
There is this stuff called masamora that is like the consistency of homemade bluberry syrup. The morado kind is the best and last night a member made us some and served it warm with peaches in it and it was the most delicious thing ever. Seriously. I will make it for you all someday, some way, some how. Also, two commom foods for you to google. Ahi de gallina and papa huancaina. Both are good! not my favorite... I don't know what is my favorite....Alfajores :)

There is this weird song thing that all the cars, especially like vans or buses play when they back up and it is the most annoying thing ever. And it sounds like dramatic or something... like it is predicting your death. Also. lately, it rains. Because it is winter. but it isnt real rain.... its like a little more than a mist. Just enough to make me have an afro. Every day. Ahahahaha

Tender Mercies  :)
I got a dear elder from Maisie Hobbs that made my entire week. Made me think :) Made me thankful. Can you tell her that I love her with all my heart and will try to write her in some point in my life? 

We had intercambios on thursday and I was with Hermana Jameson (the girl who was there during the call and that is one of the Hermanas of Institute and one of the sister leaders of the Lima zone.) and it was amazing. She is amazing. I want to be a missionary like her. A person like her :) We were tracting for one afternoon and she literally contacted like everyone. And it was amazing. We taught a lesson and it was amazing. We had Miguel and Rocio (his sister in law) Tapia with us and they were blown away just like I was. She is remarkable. the next morning She just talked to me and the love she has for everyone. And that I knew at that moment what she felt for me was pure and christ like. She is amazing. The things she taught me, told me, and showed me in that short time changed my mission. Her name is Samantha Jameson. She lives in Orem or Salt Lake and she went to Skyline High School and BYU.

What I learned...
Yesterday in sacrament meeting I was just thinking and it hit me how much the Young Womens Values mean to me. They apply to what things we need to develop in all facets and times in life. Like to me right now in the mission.

Faith: I am really learning to be humble and walk and live by faith. I am seeing the power of faith work in the lives of investigators and change their worlds forever. I am learning the correlation between faith and personal revelation, faith and comfort, faith and love, faith and happiness. Faith... is everything. Ithink that is why it is first and white. if you have faith, you can be sanctified and purified.

Divine Nature: Well I love the idea that we are two beings. We are the mortal being born of our parents, and we are an eternal being. We are made of the stuff of eternities! Also, the tenderness of being a mother is very apparent to me.  I always think of motherhood when I think of divine nature. I cant wait to be one.  I am so incredibly grateful to have the best one in the world, and I am so grateful to meet ones here in Peru and help them have eternal families.

Individual Worth: I  am learning how much Heavenly Father loves me and how much he loves every one of these children. We can't comprehend how much we are loved by him, and we will never be able to. But for this same reason, we should never put down a child of God. Including ourselves.

Knowledge: i am learning how much of that I lack. How much I want to gain :) How much we can learn from the scriptures. How important the basic truths of the gospel are! the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and all of the commandments and ordanences (i have no idea how to spell that in english anymore. ordenanzas.). It is also amazing to know the promise that if we search diligently, we can have that knowledge made known to us.

Choice and Accountability: Every single thing that happens to us and the people around us and the people whose lives we affect are affected by our choices. As a missionary, I am more and more able to identify  when I am in the right and in the wrong, and consciously make the decision. It kind of scares me... but is also beautiful. I know the choices we make decide where we go after this and how happy we will be. We are accountable for every action, every thought, every choice. We cannot hide from God.

Good Works: Christ himself came to the world not to be served, but to serve. Serving others and being disciples of Christ is the most valuable thing we can do and is the great test of our character. This made me think of my parents and their service and sacrifice in raising me (I love you so much more than words can say) and giving me the example of serving others in church callings and other ways first. I love that my brothers are hard workers and willing to lift another at all times. Remember how important it is to lose your life in good works to find it :) I am learning that real fast. Hahaha HUMILITY SMACK. I just made that up.

Integrity: When it all comes down to it, integrity is what you do and think when no one else is watching or knows. I am really trying to develop integrity and resp├▓nsibility in everything I do.

Virtue: Virtue is like the crowning value. besides being chaste, it is being christlike. Pure. Virtuous :) In thoughts and actions and words.

That is my spiel on the values. I love young womens :)

Lesson slash investigator highlights!!
Well in slightly disappointing news Manuel wasn't baptized saturday because he was sick and had a slight issue with a living prophet. BUT!! he is on track to be baptized this week :) Pray for him! This weekend we stopped by to see him and he had made me a bracelet. It made me cry :) He has been sitting in his house sick and made it for me. He also played this song called `Como No Creo en Dios?`about how he is so blessed, and he knows the gospel is true. So that was awesome :)

All in all, all is well! I love and miss you all dearly. I love hearing about your lives :) Never forget how much you mean to me. More than the world :) Families are the stuff of eternities. and I am so grateful every day :) Happy Memorial Day which I actually forgot was today! Eat Zeppes for me!!

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