Sunday, June 15, 2014

It Is Well With My Soul :)

Hello My Crazy Beloved Family!

 You have had the craziest week ever! Like insane! But it is in the happiest way ever :) new life is amazing! I am so happy for you all! I cant even express how happy the emails made me. It is amazing to see the blessings and hand of God in our lives. AHHH I am so grateful.

Well, my week was relatively eventful as well. First of all, I will be staying in San Juan for another 6 weeks with my companion Hermana Trejo :) At first, on Saturday waiting for the transfer calls, I was really kind of hoping for a change. But then. after that night (which was truly amazing) I was literally praying to stay in San Juan for one more transfer. And here I am :)

 So to start, on Wednesday was the interview for Manuel's baptism with our district leader Elder Rudas. In the middle, about 40 minutes in, he came out and asked to see us in a seperate room. He told us that Manuel was still wobbly on President Monson and that he wasn't sure if he could be baptized Saturday or not. We decided to kneel in prayer, me and Hermana Trejo and Elder Rudas and Elder Deleon. After that, Elder Rudas just said he knew what to do and went in. When he came out, they were all smiles and we were set to go on Saturday. He was committed to pray to know if he was a prophet. The very next day we went over and watched the life of president Monson with him and he loved it. It was a beautiful experience, and he was ready to get baptized on Saturday :)

Now skip to Saturday. We spent literally the entire day looking for clothes to fit him. Literally. they like don't have clothes for men of his size here. We ended up using the pants of an elder who has gone from size 44 pants to size 34, and Manuel bought a shirt to fit him. It was insanity. but the service was beautiful. Honestly the most amazing experience so far on my mission. I feel like I actually had something to do with his conversion story, and i feel so grateful to know him. After 24 years of investigating the church, he was finally baptized. His return missionary wife has been reactivated in the church and is so happy to have her husband a member as well. They are preparing to be sealed in one year and I think I will be able to attend that as well :) The actual service was amazing. We sang "I Like to Look for Rainbows" in Spanish with some members and Hermana Dillon and her companion, and then a man from the ward sang a song called "Moroni's Promise"(in Spanish). It was beautiful. Then, Hermana Janeth (the wife) and then Manuel bore their testimonies and it made me cry. It was beautiful. At the end, Manuel wanted to hug us but knows he can't, so he just squished both of my hands in his and cried. It was the most tender moment. I am so grateful to be able to see the miracles of this gospel and the atonement work in peoples lives. This gospel is happiness. It is true :) It is amazing. It is the only way we can have eternal families and live with our Heavenly Father again. I feel so blessed.

I also want you to remember in your prayers a girl named Lucero (loo sair o), who is set to be baptized this week or next, and also an Hermana Nicole who has a very sad past and is preparing to be baptized the next week.

 On Sunday., the day after the baptism, we had a huge family home evening at Manuel's house because we weren't able to have like refreshments after the baptism for Fast Sunday and it was amazing. There were like 20 members there to support him. We watched the John Tanner story and then played a game that I dont completely understand, but it was hilarious. Mostly, it was just a huge blessing to see the support of the members for this man.

I am so happy. I am so happy for the blessings I have had this week and for the blessings my family has had! I am thankful for the puppies and baby cows and for all that we have. I am excited to be able to go to Disneyland and the beach with you next year! Find those pretzels with cream cheese inside and eat one for me :) Remember I love you with all of my entire heart. I cant even handle it. I love you so :) never forget :)
I love you. xxooxxoo Lauren

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